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The original vehicle may freeze in these places! Many people don't know the solution

2021-08-24 14:32:32 Oriental Information automobile

This is the case in the picture above , Someone asked Xiaobian what to do ? I'm very responsible to tell you , I don't know , But the most useful thing I can tell you is , Try to avoid .

Avoid freezing on the car body :

1、 Of course, those with good conditions Park in the garage , If there's no garage , Just try to find areas with higher temperatures .

2、 Roadsides and notches , Don't stop .

3、 It's best to brush the car in the morning in winter , Try to avoid... After the afternoon , If you brush it , Clean the door lock of the bar .

What if the door freezes ?

Xiaobian has experienced this situation , I only took some hot water , Pour it in an icy place , Quickly dispose of water and ice when the door is opened , If the processing is slow, it may not close .

What if the windows freeze ?

Generally, when I encounter this situation, I basically ignore it , After getting on the bus, warm up the car first , When the temperature comes up later , Turn on the warm air and blow it in the car for a while .

What if the wipers freeze ?

Some car owners may think about using water or breaking their hands when the wiper is frozen , It's absolutely impossible , In that case, it is either broken or deformed , So as long as the temperature in the car comes up , Just blow the windshield with warm air , Soon it melted .

What if the handbrake freezes ?

You can use forward gear and reverse gear to get rid of frozen places , Or you can jack up the back , Deal with the freezing point of the rear wheels .

What if the tires freeze ?

If the tire is frozen, don't be hard with it , You can use the handbrake , Forward gear is matched with reverse gear , To get the link , If it doesn't work , Only professionals , This shows that our simple method is no longer working .

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