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Traffic police remind: once you catch this kind of car, you can directly detain it. Many car owners have been recruited

2021-08-24 14:38:47 Oriental Information automobile

There must be a car you've driven all your life , People who have not been punished by the traffic police , Because they all obey the traffic rules . Where there are many people, we can always see a lot “ Illegal taxis ”, They are now extremely rampant , Solicit in disregard of the regulations , Including motorcycles , Tricycle , Taxi, etc , There is also the new phenomenon of private cars , These are not vehicles that can be operated for profit , It has not obtained the legal operation qualification of the State . National policies are changing day by day , The management of cars is also more and more synchronized with the times . not long ago , Traffic police remind motorists : From this month , Once you catch this car , Direct detaining , Many car owners have been recruited .

A new policy on vehicles began in June , There are also many changes , Among them are the targets of this year's crackdown , For example, once some cars are found , Will definitely buckle the car directly . This is the common elderly scooter in the North , Especially in Beijing , This kind of car is really rare in the South , This kind of car is a means of transportation without any threshold , You don't need a driver's license or a license plate . Just like the name of this car, the elderly scooter , Is to use most elderly groups , They don't have a strong sense of security , So I often drive illegally , Sight is also affected , Sometimes it takes up the motorway and crashes , The next step is to crack down on this kind of car .

In fact, this kind of car is basically no different from a car , The difference is that the elderly scooter is a little smaller and lacks power . Because it doesn't have to refuel , Charging is available , It looks especially like a new energy electric vehicle , It just doesn't have many functions . Just charge , Convenience costs no money , This is the best travel tool loved by the elderly , The elderly in many areas are still using this car to travel . But the reason why you don't need a driver's license , It makes it impossible to understand driving skills and other problems , The elderly are relatively in a group with slightly poor road safety awareness , How to avoid on the road has become a problem , No systematic training , It is also a deficiency in driving .

In addition, many older people move slowly , Not as responsive as young people , There is no time to respond to emergencies , It is impossible to make an accurate judgment quickly , We are all very worried , Once there is a serious accident , I can't imagine , So the elderly spend most of their time , There is no way to respond quickly in the face of an accident , Without timely and effective treatment , This is the deficiency that cannot be improved .

Now the number of cars on the road has multiplied , Plus the road conditions, it's messy , Therefore, the introduction of many articles is a good and effective means of restraint , It is normal to strike hard and grasp hard , It's a good thing for our people , After all, it's all for the safety of the people . Regarding this , What do you think

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