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Which one should Mazda cx-5, ankovi and Kodiak choose?

2021-08-24 14:39:05 Oriental Information automobile

appearance , As we all know, the three models are famous for their high appearance ,cx5 Since adopting the appearance design of soul movement , The sales volume has been greatly improved , The honeycomb grille is integrated with the beautiful headlights , Really give cx5 A sense of life , The appearance design of oncoway adopts the latest family design style , Flying wing + Straight waterfall air intake grille , dynamic , The outstanding body shape fully reflects an American sense of strength , And Kodiak's exterior design , It retains the essence of Skoda family's car making for hundreds of years , It integrates the calm and fashionable elements of Volkswagen , Looks tough and atmospheric , Wild and wild .

interior , The interiors of the three cars have their own characteristics , Symmetrical central console design is adopted , The compasses , The large suspended central control screen and each functional area are clear , Within reach , It is very convenient , The interior of oncoway adopts the family embracing design style , Chrome plated strips and wood grain decorative plates are widely used in the center console , Create a luxurious atmosphere , And Kodiak's interior is clean and atmospheric , It looks very thick , The embedded large central control screen is matched with the multi-functional steering wheel , Improved the quality of the interior . In terms of body size , Kodiak has obvious advantages , and cx5 Because it is in a compact SUV The positioning of , So I'm in a weak position among the three cars , The seating space is Kodiak 、 Leon coldwell 、cx5.

power ,cx5 Carrying 2.0L The engine , Maximum power is 155 horsepower , The maximum torque is 200 Cattle meters , Adopted 6 Self - contained gearbox , Encoway carried 1.5T The engine , Maximum power is 169 horsepower , The maximum torque is 250 Cattle meters , Adopted 7 Double clutch gearbox , And Kodiak carries 2.0T The engine , Maximum power is 186 horsepower , The maximum torque is 320 Cattle meters , Again using 7 Double clutch gearbox , From the dynamic parameters , The power ranking of the three cars is Kodiak 、 Leon coldwell 、cx5, however cx5 Chuangchi blue sky Technology , Best overall performance .

Speaking of the end , There is little difference in the configuration of the three cars , And the chassis structure is completely consistent , however cx5 Both and oncoway have a set of timely 4WD system , In case of wet, rainy and snowy roads or turning at high speed , Better than Kodiak , Greatly improved security , And ankovi also has a rear axle differential lock , This has also greatly improved the ability to get out of difficulties , Comprehensive comparison , If there is a rigid demand for seating space , Just choose Kodiak , For some consumers who often go off-road, oncoway is a good choice , For young people who pursue beauty ,cx5 Meet your expectations , I recommend cx5 Compared with the three major pieces , There are no short boards , worry .

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