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Xuanyi recently bought a car with a maximum discount of 16000 yuan and an initial sale of 83800 yuan. Is it worth starting?

2021-08-24 14:46:51 Oriental Information automobile

A car dealer in Meizhou recently announced Xuanyi's preferential market in the region : At present, the highest discount for Xuanyi car purchase 1.6 Ten thousand yuan ,8.38 From ten thousand yuan , The specific selling price information is shown in the figure below :

Review the basic situation of Xuanyi . Xuanyi's modeling design is fashionable and durable , Big size U The chrome plated decorative strip is very recognizable , It's also very classy , The black Chinese net adds a sense of movement , The highlighted black trim strip is very textured as a foil , And the headlamp group is connected as a whole , It's very integrated . The fog lamps on both sides are chic , The design similar to the boomerang is very dynamic . The shape of the whole vehicle is slender , Well proportioned , Full of atmosphere , There are some “ Little Teana ” The feeling of . From the side ,4641*1815*1447mm Body size , Plus 2712mm The wheelbase , With Lei Ling 、 Langyi is compared with the old Xuanyi , It's a little longer . At the same time, this change , Make its figure more prone , Give people a slender experience . The car's tail light set is very wide , The tail identification light band is quite slender , The rear bumper is equipped with a wide guard . The interior part has a strong family flavor ,T The V-shaped center console has a certain radian , It's very thick , The design of the buttons at the bottom of the multimedia display screen is also more generous , Increase the convenience of operation , The three width design of the multi-functional steering wheel is also more stable . The car provides 1.6L The engine , The match is CVT transmission , The maximum output power is reached 135 horsepower , Peak torque reached 159N.m, Minimum fuel consumption per 100 km 4.9L. Equipped with LED Combination tail light 、 Speed sensing front wiper 、 Key fob 、 Intelligent driving computer 、 Electrically adjust the exterior rearview mirror 、 Manual air conditioning 、 Air conditioner filter 、4 The speaker 、 Driver's seat manual 6 Directional regulation 、 Four door power windows 、 Front double airbags 、 Manual anti glare interior rearview mirror 、 Tire pressure monitoring system 、 Vehicle dynamic control system, etc .

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