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What is the grade of red flag H9? Take a look at the Audi A6 next to it, and compare it with "eclipsed"

2021-08-24 14:46:56 Oriental Information automobile

So the red flag h9 What is the positioning of this new model ? Now the specific size parameters of the model have been released , In terms of size , The positioning of red flag in the model has reached c+ Level , Because the body length has reached 5137mm, And the wheelbase reaches 3060mm, Body width 1904mm, But the height of the whole car is controlled at 1493mm, Therefore, the appearance of the vehicle looks lower , This is also the usual style of many top luxury cars .

If you put the red flag h9 And audi a6 Together , The difference between the two cars can be quickly seen , The original huge Audi a6 Facing the larger red flag h9, First of all, it has been eclipsed in terms of appearance . Because the red flag h9 Our design language is quite advanced , The front face of the vehicle is decorated with large-size straight waterfall chrome plated medium mesh , This style is really a bit like Rolls Royce , Plus the rectangles on both sides LED Matrix headlamp light source , The whole front of the car is more domineering than the same level models of Mercedes Benz, BMW and Audi .

If the appearance, size, positioning and Audi a6 At the same level , Then open the door and you'll find , The red flag h9 The interior upholstery of the vehicle has completely reached the monthly level , In especial 4 Seat version , The rear space of the vehicle is quite spacious , It also uses a more luxurious zero gravity aviation seat , The current popular dual screen large-size LCD instrument is adopted on the vehicle central control table , Almost everything you can see is wrapped in leather , Even the horn button on the steering wheel is covered with leather , Such luxury positioning has the strength to surpass the level and compare Mercedes Benz s level .

Nowadays, many luxury brands c Class a vehicles have begun to use small displacement engines , But the red flag h9 The model still has leapfrog power configuration , The main models are expected to provide 3.0t displacement v6 The engine , And the rear driving force layout is adopted , It is helpful for vehicle handling , The entry-level model will be replaced with the latest... Under FAW red flag 2.0t High power engine , It is expected that the limit output can reach 240 More than horsepower .

So in summary , The red flag h9 What grade is the model in ? If judged by traditional vehicle rating , Obviously underestimate the red flag h9 The car , After all, almost all aspects have used the best resources of FAW red flag , Calculate according to the configuration richness , The red flag h9 The starting price is likely to be 30 All the above , High profile models may even go straight to 40 Ten thousand price range , The appearance of this model may also directly reverse the inherent impression of Chinese consumers on domestic cars , It turns out that domestic brands can create such luxury products as long as they build cars carefully .

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