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Girl harvester? Maserati "Levante" special edition will land in Chengdu auto show, breaking 100 in 6 seconds

2021-08-24 14:46:59 Oriental Information automobile

mention “ Maserati ” I don't know what words you can associate ? noble 、 Luxurious 、 Girls and so on ! In fact, in Xiaobian's eyes, only the design department belongs to its own automobile brand , Not enough to compete with brands of the same level . But even so , Maserati is also loved by female friends , It's not hard to guess , Why is Maserati called “ Girl harvester ”! At the upcoming Chengdu auto show , Maserati also ushered in her heavy series , That's it “ Levant ” A sharp version of ! This car combines the classics of masters at all levels , The perfect combination of brand and belief , And this car is also its first hybrid model .

Although only the design department is retained , But in design , This sharp version has definitely played to the extreme ! First of all, in terms of car paint , This car uses a very special three-layer metallic paint ——Azzurro Astro Yao Kong blue ,Azzurro Astro Yaokong blue paint shows sky blue in bright light , In the scene with insufficient light, it appears smoke gray . So no matter what angle you look at this car , Will bring you a gradual feeling , This is still very rare in the automotive field . More Than This , The car also adds a... That can represent the hybrid identity “ Electro optic blue ” Elements , Including the side of the body “ Shark gill ”、C Maserati logo on the pillar and blue embroidered stitches on the seats in the car 、 Blue brake calipers ( Optional packaging )! This series of operations , You can really see Maserati's skills ! And in the structure of the whole car , This car also continues the tradition of the past , It retains the original round design style , And it runs through the body of the whole car .

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