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Automatic cars have "three prohibitions"? Many novices don't know yet. It's not too late to know

2021-08-24 14:57:13 Oriental Information automobile

At present, the cars on the market are mainly divided into automatic gear and manual gear , Among them, automatic gear is easier to operate , Many novice car owners are afraid of trouble , When they buy a car, they will consider buying an automatic transmission car . But while studying in driving school , Most people still get C1 A driver's license , After all, just take it , The owner is qualified to drive both manual and automatic vehicles .

Yes, of course , Anyway? , The operability of cars with manual transmission will be higher , When the car owner has a different driving experience , It will also expose some details that car owners need to pay attention to . Once the car owner does not develop a good habit of driving automatic transmission , Not only will it have a greater impact on its cars , Allow yourself to incur additional expenses , At the same time, some potential safety hazards may be buried . For example, automatic cars have “ Three forbids ”, Many novices don't know yet , But just read the following introduction , It's not too late to know .

First of all, no space , All this is mainly because many car owners have misunderstandings about the gap , They always think that neutral can save more fuel , So as long as the car slides , These car owners will put neutral on . But in fact, this operation is useless , Not only does it fail to make cars more fuel-efficient , The key is to go on for a long time , It will also cause the wear of automobile gearbox , You know, the three major parts are the core parts of the car , The loss of gearbox will seriously affect the performance of automobile .

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