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Your long-awaited Volkswagen pure electric compact car is coming

2021-08-24 14:57:50 Oriental Information automobile

From the appearance, its overall shape is very round and lovely , The shape of the two headlights is delicate and lovely , There is a slight upward design , Chic and novel . A through bumper is designed below , Better visual width . The roof section is an all black design extending straight to the tailgate section , Very fashionable atmosphere .

At the rear of the car, I can see that its design is very distinctive , There is no through tail lamp, but its two tail lamps have a very narrow outline , The middle logo has a full sense of design , It looks different . As a Volkswagen based MED The model built on the pure electric platform has a maximum range of 550 km ,NEDC The maximum comprehensive range also exceeded 600 km . The fans need not worry about its suck. .

I saw it on the side of the car C The design of Zhu part is very unique and novel , The unique low wind resistance wheel hub with good shape appears at the foot , Very atmospheric and fashionable . In size, it provides 18、19、20 Inch three specifications . In terms of body size, its length, width and height are 4261、1809、1552 mm , The wheelbase is 2765 mm .

In the interior part, the new car is given a very small full LCD instrument panel , It doesn't look like it . The electronic gear lever is fully linked to it on the right , The operation is also very convenient. The most prominent part of the center console is a suspended screen , Some function keys are still reserved . Some practical control buttons, such as air conditioning temperature 、 Seat heating can be operated simply and quickly . This car will only replace the position of electric golf in the future , Because it has more prominent advantages than pure electric golf wheelbase , And because it's MEB Pure electric platform , Its chassis has a large space for the central battery pack , So the riding space is better .

In the configuration section id.3 You are sincere , The automatic air conditioning 、 Seat heating / ventilation 、 Vehicle map 、 Voice control 、 Looked up and show 、 Driving assistance and driving mode are available , Excellent price performance . In terms of power, it is equipped with a rear permanent magnet synchronous motor , Security is further improved . In addition, the maximum power of this motor is 150 kw , Peak torque is 310 Cattle meters , The top speed can reach 160 Km/h . It is also hoped that the dual motor drive mode version will be launched in the later stage . It's practical for charging ID Wall mounted fast charging can rush into the vehicle within half an hour 290 Power required per kilometer , It's not a problem to travel in the city every day .

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