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Xingyue L, a hard and hard joint venture SUV, which model has more purchase value?

2021-08-24 14:58:02 Oriental Information automobile

7 month 20 Japan , The auspicious star, which has been warmed up for more than half a year, is more and more L( Parameter picture ) It's finally on the market ,13.72-18.52 I wonder if the price of 10000 yuan meets your psychological expectations . But in the eyes of the industry , The more stars L It is expected to be in 15-20 10000 compact SUV Market segmentation , The model that launched the most fierce offensive against the joint venture brand car .

Compared with the joint venture at the same level CR-V、 Rong Fang 、 Qijun and other models , The more stars L The victory lies in the value of the product . In terms of body size , The more stars L Although the positioning is compact SUV, But its length, width and height have reached 4770/1895/1689mm, Wheelbase is to achieve 2845mm, Even better than some medium-sized SUV Bigger .

Because of the overall figure “ Larger ”, Cooperate with Geely 4.0 The latest family design language of the times , The visual effect of the whole vehicle is also very atmospheric . Among them, the straight waterfall Chinese net in the front face , And through tail lights at the rear of the body , It not only improves the identification of the whole vehicle , It also highlights a certain sense of movement .

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