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Tuang faces a 'huge' challenge. The 7-seat layout of this car is larger than that of hanlanda, 2.0T + 9at

2021-08-24 14:58:08 Oriental Information automobile

In this era when everyone wants big space models ,7 More and more attention has been paid to the seat model , Therefore, many classic models have been created in this level of models , For example, hannanda / Tu ang / Crown Road, etc . So the car we're talking about today is bigger than hannanda in size , And used 2.0T+9AT, In many people's opinion, the listing of this car will cause " huge " The challenge of , So is this really the case ? Now let's take a look at the new anko flag of GM Buick .

As a medium and large SUV, It naturally attracts a lot of people in momentum , And this car is only designed with the latest techniques of Buick , The front face looks richer in language , Its China open has a brand-new design, which is very powerful , And the chrome plating on it extends to L The edge of the type headlights . In addition, the shape of the fog lights on both sides enhances the three-dimensional feeling of the front of the car . Then on the side, you can see it approaching 5 The length of meters makes it look bigger than hannanda , And the wheel hub only uses a large size , It brings good practicability .

So at the back of the car , This car is different from other Buick cars SUV There is a clear difference , It looks more exquisite , Headlights use LED Light source design of , And the trunk is wide and stylish , In addition, there is a double outlet exhaust design at the rear of the car , In size, it belongs to a relatively large . These designs have won a high score for the car .

The interior changes are also visible to the naked eye , First, in the T An irregular central control screen appears on the central console , There are many common software loaded on it , It seems to have a sense of science and Technology . Moreover, soft materials are only used in the materials , This makes people feel more classy . The design of the gear lever becomes a key , So this is more compelling than the traditional gear lever . So the configuration has not been officially announced , However, it can be found from the picture that it is doing well in this area . As a 7 seat SUV, Many people must be more concerned about its space , The wheelbase of this car is 2863mm, Compared with tu'ang, it will look a little worse .

Finally, let's look at its power ,2.0T Our engine can do 230 Horsepower and fuel consumption 8L Up and down , These data obviously have their own advantages when compared with competitors , also 9AT The new gearbox also makes the car more attractive .

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