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This car has the reputation of "Desert Fox"

2021-08-24 14:58:13 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of Rand cooluzer , Maybe some people will be confused , I don't know what kind of car this is . But speaking of land patrol , Believe that even if others don't know , For friends who like off-road vehicles , Also know very well . As a Toyota off-road vehicle , This car is in the hearts of many Chinese , It is an irreplaceable God car . Especially for people who like off-road vehicles , I really want such an off-road vehicle in my dream . There were also domestic versions in China before , Although it is more expensive than imported , But it's still popular .

But it's such a magic car , At present, it has been in the stage of stopping production and sales in China . Rand cooluze that can be bought in China at present , It's made in the Middle East , It is also the only genuine land tour that Chinese people can buy . Although Toyota has not explained why it stopped production in China , But looking at the various configurations of the domestic version of Prado , I believe you can understand . Rand cooluze is a very good off-road vehicle under Toyota , Strong off-road capability , Even crossing the desert is basically effortless . As long as the oil is sufficient , In the desert, CAS comes and goes freely .

Also because of this characteristic of landkuluzer , So it is very popular in Middle East countries , There's even “ Desert Fox ” The laudatory name , This shows the Middle East's love for this car . And Rand cooluzer has the strong backing of Toyota , So in terms of car quality , It's also quite guaranteed . You know, in the desert , Even American hardline SUVs , In this environment , Also, various faults often occur , And Rand cooluzer can drive normally , There are few failures .

And in order to ensure that this car can run normally in desert China , This car is equipped with double fuel tanks . Although the fuel consumption of Rand cooluzer is up to 14.8L, But because of the protection of double fuel tanks , Basically, it can ensure that its travel will not be limited by fuel consumption . In form , Rand cooluzer is also quite beautiful , Strive to be fashionable and beautiful . Trapezoidal air inlet grille is adopted for the front face , Atmosphere without losing fashion , The overall body lines are very smooth . The wide body basically meets the great demand .

You know, driving in the desert , There must be a lot of things on the car , Therefore, the requirements for spacious space are also relatively strict . In addition, in terms of power , It uses 4.0L The engine , Although the structure is simple , But it's also very convenient to use . And in the power take-off , Can achieve 275 horsepower . For driving in the desert , Such a big power is also necessary . in addition to , There are also many auxiliary driving systems installed on landkuluzer , In order to drive better in the desert . But such a car itself is designed to drive in the desert , So if in the city , On the contrary, it will be a little out of place .

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