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The space of Toyota Highlander and the temperament of Land Rover Range Rover

2021-08-24 15:07:34 Oriental Information automobile

The last few years , With the release of the second child , More and more people like SUV models , But judging from the current market , There are still many models available . If you want to say cost-effective , Only domestic cars , But at this stage, domestic SUV The pricing is 10 All around , Do you think you can find good goods ? I think , Smart people choose the old models , Because the reduction of the old model is greater , And the quality and configuration are richer , Especially at home , Show every penny incisively and vividly . So I'd rather wait for the high-end domestic products with reduced prices , I don't want to buy low-end SUV, In the Middle East: , changan CS95 Just one car , Now it's coming down in one breath 7 ten thousand ,14 You can start with , Toyota Highlander's space , The temperament of the range rover .

aesthetic , new CS95 The overall style is more robust , The locomotive was family-owned “ Butterfly type ” Face before ,X Front face with a number of thick chrome banners , The visual effects are very rough . The headlights have also been enlarged , The internal light source is used LED, At the same time, both sides of the hood vent holes were retained .

To the side of the body , The change is more obvious . The most eye-catching thing is it 19 Inch multi width rim , No doubt new CS95 The high-grade temperament comes from this , In addition to the minimum configuration, it will be equipped with this hub . besides , its A column 、B column 、D The columns and roof are all black , It creates a good visual effect . The straight and rigid waistline also makes the brand new CS95 Looks powerful . In the tail design, it also adds the popular through type LED Tail lights .

Old money CS95 In fact, the interior work is good , The design is also very reasonable . But you have to say luxury , I'm sorry , It has no . But the new model fills this hole . The overall interior has been greatly upgraded ,12.3 The inch central control LCD screen is embedded in the central console composed of black piano baking paint and soft leather materials , The matte silver air conditioning control area is very textured .

The power system is exactly the same as the old model , The machine 2.0T The engine is also an engine in charge of Chang'an at present , The power reserve is very sufficient ,1750 It can break out 360 cattle · M torque makes it very easy for you to drive , You can't feel it when you drive it “ This should have been a bulky medium and large SUV” That kind of feeling , This is a character that Chinese people like very much . Including chassis part , My assessment is : None of the independent brands is large-scale SUV The chassis can be better than Chang'an CS95 Do better , At least not yet .

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