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Saibo tank 300 sold for 308000, and the Great Wall began to "expand"?

2021-08-24 15:11:01 Oriental Information automobile

In hardline cross-country SUV In the car market , Toyota Land tour and Prado 、JEEP These horsemen 、 Defender and other models are among the most famous models , But although these off-road vehicles are powerful , But the price is not grounded . and tanks 300 The launch of broke this market situation , Let consumers only spend 20 About 10000 people can experience the endless fun of off-road . So this car has made amazing achievements as soon as it goes on the market , Even for a time supply was in short supply , You can only suspend the order . The birth of this phenomenal model not only makes the tank from WEY Independent from the brand , And tanks 300 A derivative of , For example, Saibo tank appeared in Shanghai auto show in the first half of the year 300 Is one of them . In recent days, , The price of the new car has also been officially announced , The guide selling price is 30.8 Ten thousand yuan , And has opened pre-sale , The new car may be in 2021 Delivery begins in the fourth quarter of . As soon as the price is released , Naturally triggered a heated debate , Some netizens think Cybertron 300 It's more domineering than the inside and outside of the ordinary model , Worth buying ; And some netizens think the Great Wall “ Gone with the wind ” 了 , The main purpose of the new car is to change and upgrade the appearance and interior upholstery , Added some configurations , The price is over 30 ten thousand , Feel worth it .

In terms of appearance and modeling , Cybertron 300 The overall outline of the is the same as that of the ordinary model , And there are many adjustments in detail . The front air inlet grille and lower air inlet are changed to mesh shape , The straight light bar runs through the new square tank LOGO, And connected with retro round headlights at both ends , The blackened guard plates at both ends of the front bumper are also added Y type LED The lamp , in addition , Four new yellow lines have been added to the upper side of the front windshield LED Light Bar .

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