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Who increased the sales of traditional trams such as Hongguang miniev in July

2021-08-24 15:11:09 Oriental Information automobile

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We got... The other day 7 New car insurance data in January , Comparison 6 month , quite a lot “ God car ” Still maintained a strong momentum . For example, in the car market , lavida ( Parameter picture )( Parameters | inquiry ) Still the overlord ,7 Last month, the number of risks reached 30730 platform ; stay SUV market , The harvard H6( Parameters | inquiry ) Of 7 Last month, the number of risks reached 27086 platform , Continue to win the first place ; stay MPV market , The top two are still by Wuling Hongguang ( Parameters | inquiry ) And Buick GL8 ES Lu Zun ( Parameters | inquiry ) Occupy ; In the new energy vehicle market , Agatsuma MINIEV( Parameters | inquiry ) With 30180 Taiwan's overwhelming advantage will Model 3( Parameters | inquiry ) Wait for a crowd of models to leave behind . be based on 7 Monthly insurance data , Today we want to talk about the traditional Chinese brand electric vehicles in 7 Monthly performance , But this time we will not rank the number of risks from high to low , But a different dimension . We will 7 Monthly insurance number and 6 Month comparison , Pick out 10 paragraph 7 Traditional Chinese brand electric vehicles with the largest increase in insurance last month , Want to buy an electric car , Especially for friends who want to buy in the near future .

Traditional Chinese brands 7 The number of insurance increased the most in last month 10 An electric vehicle 6 Monthly insurance number ( platform )7 Monthly insurance number ( platform ) growth ( platform ) element Pro( Parameters | inquiry ) 679 3674 2995 Run E-Star( Parameters | inquiry ) 5485 7787 2302 Agatsuma MINIEV 28583 30180 1577 Fengshen E70( Parameters | inquiry ) 1358 2647 1289 Xiao peng P7( Parameters | inquiry ) 4846 6098 1252 The geometric A( Parameters | inquiry ) Pro 673 1547 874 Colleway CLEVER( Parameters | inquiry ) 4318 5142 824 White cat ( Parameters | inquiry ) 562 1371 809 The qin dynasty PLUS EV( Parameters | inquiry ) 3791 4318 521 AION Y 2421 2761 340 Aika automobile network tabulation

Agatsuma MINIEV Leading Micro electric vehicles are still the most popular

Previously, we wrote the article on the insurance number of traditional Chinese brand pure electric vehicles in the first half of this year , You can click on 《 Agatsuma MINIEV Sold out Traditional brand hot selling electric vehicles 》 see , Five of the top ten models are micro electric vehicles . And in the 7 This trend is also shown in the new energy vehicle insurance data in June , And among the ten models with the largest increase , Agatsuma MINIEV、 Colleway CLEVER、 Run E-Star、 The four models of white cat are also micro electric vehicles . Given the popularity of micro electric vehicles today , In order to let everyone have a more comprehensive understanding of several cars , Next, we will start from the overall design and configuration 、 The price is 、 Body size 、 Introduce and compare several cars in detail in terms of power and endurance , Provide a certain reference for everyone to choose a car .

Agatsuma MINIEV Macaroon

Agatsuma MINIEV This year 4 In June, the modified makaron version was launched , The appearance continues the lovely and fashionable style , Add white peach powder 、 Lemon yellow 、 Avocado Green three new colors . Other details , More black elements are added to the appearance of the new car , The internal structure of the front and rear lamp groups is adjusted , More fashionable and dynamic . interiors , Agatsuma MINIEV The overall design of the macarone version remains unchanged , But new colors are added . configuration , The new Bluetooth device supports optional “ Intelligent voice transceiver ”, Provide voice interaction 、 Voice navigation and other functions , In addition, the driver's airbag is equipped as standard .

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