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Some people say that Mazda's car is very thin, and it is easy to sag with a little weight. Is that true?

2021-08-24 15:13:13 Oriental Information automobile

Maybe Mazda in the past will be like the state described by the title owner , However, since Mazda adopted the design concept of soul movement , A new look in style , People are deeply impressed by the dynamic and sharp design , In addition to high appearance, it also has good performance in safety .

In the crash test conducted by the authority of the United States , The achievements of various models are analyzed , And classified according to the brand , The world's safest of the year 10 Automobile brand ranking , Mazda was the only one who squeezed into the front 5 Non luxury brands , Tied for fourth place with Audi , Mazda has always been famous for its excellent sports performance , But after Mazda adopted chuangchi blue sky Technology , Security has also been greatly improved .

Mazda's chuangchi blue sky technology has optimized all its models , Including the engine 、 transmission 、 chassis 、 Body structure, etc . If the owner wants to buy the car, the safety of the car is OK , The front row is equipped with anti-collision beams , The material thickness of the front anti-collision beam is 1.25mm, The rear anti-collision beam is 1.74mm, This provides a safety guarantee for drivers and passengers , And in order to improve the structural strength , Its body is made of high-strength steel , The highest yield strength is 1800Mpa, Effectively ensure the safety of passengers .

The safety of a car is only one of the factors , There are also many factors such as safety configuration and body structure , But the most important thing is to drive safely , Throughout the above , Anksila still attaches great importance to safety , So you can rest assured to buy .

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