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No sales only blame too low-key! Mercedes Benz has a short history. It weighs 2.8 tons and has to queue up for a price increase of 400000

2021-08-24 15:25:09 Oriental Information automobile

The history of automobile manufacturers also determines the quality of models and brand influence , The strong influence of Mercedes Benz, BMW and other luxury brands has something to do with their deep historical heritage , We know BBA As one of Germany's three old car dealers , They enjoy a high reputation in the world , At the same time, this is also an affirmation of their car making technology . The reason why our own brand has made no achievements in the luxury field is because of the lack of historical information , After all, although independent brands can show their strength in the low-end market , But it's not time , Even if technology can support all the features of luxury models , But brand influence takes time to accumulate .

In the luxury car market , Car lovers generally attach great importance to their status , So apart from Lexus and Mercedes Benz and BMW , Others, such as Cadillac 、 Volvo 、 Acura and other second-line luxury do not have the slightest voice . But except that Lexus can compete with Mercedes Benz and BMW , Although Lincoln's sales are not as good as Mercedes Benz , But its position in people's hearts is not inferior to Mercedes Benz , Lincoln's fortune is older than Mercedes Benz , So for so rich people , Lincoln is even a better choice than Mercedes Benz . Now, with the decline of American cars , Lincoln's sales also fell , But this is not to say that Lincoln's car making technology is no longer good , Just compared with Mercedes Benz , Lincoln is more low-key . No sales only blame too low-key ! Mercedes Benz is not as old as it , heavy 2.8 Ton mark up 40 Wan still has to line up .

Now people's living standards have been improved , Many people are more enthusiastic about the pursuit of luxury cars , BMW 5 system 、 Mercedes E level 、 audi A6L Although it's a luxury car , But with Mercedes Benz S level 、 BMW 7 system 、 audi A8 It's a grade lower than , At the same time SUV field , audi GLS And Lincoln Navigator are even more luxurious , Especially our protagonist today - Pilot as a full-size SUV, It has more than Mercedes Benz S Magnitude and BMW 7 More powerful strength , We should not intuitively recognize the low status of the navigator because of its poor sales , By contrast, , The pilot needs to increase the price on the basis of the price of millions 40 To all things , Otherwise it's hard to buy , And you have to queue up , And Maybach S Level is still a little similar .

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