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Overseas | after Toyota announced a 40% production reduction, Volkswagen is also considering further production reduction

2021-08-24 15:25:12 Oriental Information automobile

The lack of core forced car enterprises to reduce production again

writing : Understand the original car Emperor Jia Tianyu

[ Understand the original car Emperor industry ] According to foreign media reports , German carmaker Volkswagen said recently , Due to the shortage of semiconductor supply , Volkswagen may need to cut production further .

“ We currently expect the chip supply in the third quarter to be very unstable and tight , We cannot rule out further changes in production .” Volkswagen said to foreign media . Volkswagen expects the situation to improve by the end of this year , And strive to make up for the production gap as much as possible in the second half of the year .

Toyota motor corp. 9 Production will be reduced in October 90%

《 Japanese economic news 》 Earlier reports said , As the world's largest competitor of Volkswagen, Toyota ,9 This month will further reduce global auto production on the basis of previous plans 40%.

according to an uncompleted statistic , Because the chip supply is insufficient , since this year on , Including Honda 、 Toyota 、 nissan 、 The public 、 ford 、 Universal 、Stellantis The group 、 Mercedes 、 BMW 、 Volvo, etc 20 More than car companies have cut production all over the world .

Infineon's factory in Malaysia was temporarily shut down due to the epidemic

To add insult to injury , Recently, due to the outbreak of the epidemic in Malaysia , German chip maker Infineon was forced to suspend production at a factory in Malaysia , In addition, Bosch 、 Nissan and other manufacturers have been affected .

Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss Said at the beginning of the month , The automotive industry is facing “ Severe supply constraints throughout the value chain ”, It will take a long time to restore the balance between supply and demand . According to industry estimates , The chip problem will improve as early as the fourth quarter of this year , The real solution may at least wait until 2023 year .

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