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The price is up? The new "Mercedes Benz C" was photographed in the store! The interior is comparable to that of Mercedes Benz S, which was launched at Chengdu auto show

2021-08-24 15:36:51 Oriental Information automobile

“ Mercedes C” As the most influential car in the entry-level luxury brand , With excellent design , And the craftsman spirit is the same level as BMW and Audi ! But the slightly higher price may be the biggest obstacle to the development of this car ! And the news Xiaobian got from the front ,2022 paragraph “ Mercedes C” Maybe the price of the whole system will rise , But the reason why prices rise again , That is, the interior of this car will continue Mercedes Benz S The design of the , That is, although it is an entry-level product , But in quality , This car is similar to Mercedes Benz S Basically the same , It's just one size smaller in size ! At present, the first batch of new cars have arrived 4S shop , The new car will be officially released at this year's Chengdu auto show .

In the picture is just entering the store 2022 The paragraph “ Mercedes C”. According to reliable information , The new product will be available in standard axis version and long axis version , And in different versions, it will adopt China's unique “ Mark ” Design , This is also an important symbol of Mercedes Benz localization ! The new car runs fast S As a template , You can see from the appearance S Class design . Like on the front , The oval central net presents a downward design effect , The interior is composed of stars , The big one in the middle LOGO Quite domineering , The decoration extending to both sides of the China open also reflects the sense of fashion . The structure of the front enclosure is complex , This is also the change brought about by the new car .

On the size , The length, width and height of this car are respectively 4882mm×1820mm×1461mm, Wheelbase reached 2954mm. In body length , New Mercedes Benz C Class is also better than its competitor BMW 3 Series and audi A4L A slight advantage ! But don't forget , New Mercedes Benz C There will also be a long axis version , So the advantage is more obvious ! From the side , The whole side body adopts a wide body surrounding design , And on the side tail , Mercedes Benz also designed an exclusive LOGO! On the tail , The tail light presents a triangular design , With the new Mercedes Benz S It's the same .

The interior is this Mercedes Benz C The biggest highlight , Mainly because this car continues Mercedes Benz S Design concept of , This is beyond the imagination of many netizens and media , After all, from Mercedes Benz S To Mercedes Benz C There is a Mercedes Benz in the middle E, Such a leapfrog upgrade , What's more, it makes this car feel like it's a must ! Dual Design Multi spoke steering wheel , A sense of strength ! Including the buttons on the steering wheel are quite artistic ! Two screens make up the display system of the car , Effect and S The level is completely consistent ! And in other ways , Because compared with S The interior space of this class car is obviously smaller , So it feels more compact on the whole , But fortunately, I don't feel too messy .

In terms of human-computer interaction , This Mercedes Benz C Still equipped with the same Mercedes Benz S The same second generation MBUX System , It supports almost all Mercedes Benz S Level supported functions , Including voice control 、 Mobile Internet and so on !

In terms of motivation , The car will still be equipped with three engines , Namely 1.5T In line four cylinder turbocharged engine and 1.5T+48V Light mixing system and 2.0 The l-in-line turbocharged engine has three power systems , Their maximum horsepower is 168 The horse and 204 horse . And what matches that is 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox . The new car will be officially unveiled at this year's Chengdu auto show , The price may be higher than that of the previous generation !

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