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2021 mid autumn National Day holiday arrangements announced, Chang'an Mazda anksila with you to share this autumn test drive time

2021-08-24 15:37:01 Oriental Information automobile

lately , China government website released 2021 Mid Autumn Festival 、 National Day holiday arrangements , We will have a three-day and seven day holiday at the end of September and the beginning of October . On this cool holiday , We shouldn't lie in bed and get dizzy , Instead, we should go out , Take a breath of fresh air , Let the autumn wind blow across your face , Taste the moving fragrance of birds and flowers with autumn leaves .

Vacation is also a good opportunity for self driving , All high-speed intersections are free and open, which undoubtedly provides convenience for our travel . At present, major auto brands are ready to hold preferential activities before 11 , You can take advantage of this good opportunity , Hurry to buy a car you like , Start the gorgeous self driving in autumn .

At this time, some netizens may ask : Now there are too many excellent models to choose from , I don't know which one to choose , Xiaobian, can you give me some advice . To tell you the truth, Xiaobian really has a car to recommend to you , The price of this car is close to the people 、 Modeling pull wind 、 It's also quite comfortable to sit up . This car is one of the current models of Chang'an Mazda : new 2021 Next generation MAZDA 3 Oncella .

Don't underestimate this car , Anksila is 2021 The cumulative sales volume in the first half of the year has approached 50000 , Not lost to popular brands such as Honda , The reputation of offline users is also very good , Drive it out and drive by yourself , It will certainly attract the attention of other car owners .

When you see anksila , The first thing you can't ignore is its appearance , Because its appearance is so outstanding , Outstanding among the models of the same class . The car paint is bright “ Crystal soul moves red ” Car paint , The thickness of the car paint also makes the overall shape more textured . The workmanship of details is also very exquisite , Bright black China net 、 Chrome plated metal trim 、 Eagle eye LED Headlights and so on are all excellent works . Flowing on both sides “ Dome surface ” Under the sunshine, anksila is full of a sense of movement , It's been a million years .

The interior of oncella is another scene . Compared with anksila's cool and dazzling exterior , The interior is simple , The interior configuration and layout are exquisite , Be clear at a glance . Surrounded by high-grade leather materials , It's also very comfortable to touch . The biggest highlight in the car comes from the comfort of the seat , The seat of anksila adopts Mazda's new generation ideal driving posture ergonomic seat , A large number of high attenuation foaming materials are used , Whether it's a driver or a passenger , Can have an extremely comfortable riding environment . This is a perfect match for users who need long-distance self driving .

Of course , Self driving travel naturally requires high power requirements for the car , On this point, anksila gave a great answer . Whether it's 1.5L The displacement model is still 2.0L Displacement model , Both have efficient and powerful power performance . And the engine of anksila adopts a new generation of high-efficiency direct injection engine of chuangchi blue sky , The compression ratio is as high as 13:1, It greatly reduces our fuel consumption when we go out , So that we can enjoy more recreational activities with the saved fuel money .

We will have a long holiday soon , This will also be our last long holiday this year , Friends with self driving travel plans can go to the store and experience the charm of anksila , It will definitely make you a good partner for self driving .

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