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Kia kx5 offers 30000 yuan. Is it worth starting with the entry-level model equipped with 2.0L + 6at?

2021-08-24 15:53:56 Oriental Information automobile

Domestic compact SUV A hundred schools of thought contend in the market , There are hundreds of models of domestic cars and joint venture cars , But now most models are equipped with small displacement turbines + Double clutch power combination , Fortunately, self absorption +AT The combination is not extinct , such as kia KX5, Although it mainly promotes 1.6T models , But it still retains on the entry-level model 2.0L Self suction +6AT Dynamic combination of , So is this car worth starting ?

kia KX5 The appearance design is simple 、 Stable route , The front face has a sense of design , But it doesn't make public , The grid air inlet grille is integrated with the headlights on both sides , The overall sense is very good , The lines surrounding the front are simple and round , The visual effect is very harmonious , As an entry-level model ,2.0L The version is also equipped with LED Automatic headlight 、LED Day light , It's only less than high-end models LED Front fog lamp , So it seems that the manufacturer is still very sincere .

The body side lines are very simple , It looks very clean , The length, width and height of this car are respectively 4550/1855/1655mm, The wheelbase 2670mm, All standard 225/55 R18 Specifications of tyres , This is also very friendly for consumers who buy entry-level models , The sense of hierarchy at the rear of the car is very high , It also looks stocky , The through tail lamp is also helpful to improve the visual width of the rear , And the light group structure also has a sense of design , Highly recognizable , A total of two bilateral exhaust also brings some momentum to the vehicle , The silver surrounding also adds some hardness .

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