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Honda's vanguard owner failed to overtake and deliberately knocked down the motorcycle. He didn't say a word when he saw the other party's car price

2021-08-24 15:54:01 Oriental Information automobile

Before electric cars became popular , In many areas of China, people who don't buy cars are wearing motorcycles . Because motorcycles were relatively cheap at that time , So it gives many people the impression that those who ride motorcycles are not rich . Even today , There are still many people with this idea . Just like now many people don't think how rich people riding electric cars are . Because most rich people buy luxury cars , You won't ride a small broken electric car . In many people's eyes , The same is true of motorcyclists .

Especially at present, many cities have carried out motorcycle prohibition , Motorcycles are rarely seen in cities . But in some relatively backward small cities or towns , Motorcycles can still be seen . In this case , Most people don't think motorcyclists have much money . So some “ bully the weak and fear the strong ” The owner of the , Bullying motorcyclists , There is no weakness . Especially now there are many people with anger road disease , I met some unpleasant people on the road , Anger road disease immediately committed .

There was a Honda vanguard owner before , Want to exceed a motorcycle on the road , Who knows, I tried several times without success . Logically speaking , Most people meet this , For your own safety , Forget it . But the Honda vanguard owner doesn't , Multiple flashing headlights , Whistle to signal the motorcycle to give way . But the motorcycle never gave way . Seeing more than is impossible , So the Honda vanguard car owner immediately felt evil from his heart , Increase the throttle and force to overtake . We all know that forced overtaking is very dangerous . Sure enough , The motorcycle was hit by Honda's vanguard .

There are usually accidents , Car owners should be nervous , But the owner thinks he's reasonable , Not at all . Plus there's nothing wrong with the motorcycle owner , Honda vanguard car owners are even less worried , He felt that the most he could do was lose a little money , Anyway, motorcycles are not worth much . But when he sees the other party's car price , Then he didn't say a word . It turned out that the motorcycle owner's car was Harley Davidson , It is imported from the United States , The selling price in China reaches 47 Ten thousand yuan , It's more expensive than his Honda model. I don't know how many times .

And because of this collision , The wheels of a motorcycle . The exhaust port is damaged to varying degrees , All in all , The maintenance cost alone is more than 100000 . Honda vanguard car owners really want to cry . In fact, whenever driving on the road is more dangerous , Even if the car in front doesn't give way , You can't force overtaking . Fortunately, this time it was just a car crash , If even people are in danger , It's even more serious . So I would also like to remind all car owners , It's best to drive on the road “ The Buddha is ” a little , Don't be impulsive .

source : Qingluan period

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