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The new Marquis 6 Pro is really nice!

2021-08-24 15:58:03 Oriental Information automobile

The demand of the car type in the market is different . Especially after cars are becoming more and more popular , Young people have occupied the market . Many car companies have realized this . So many young and fashionable models have been launched , Many movement effects are very intuitive . In the field of automobiles , Three models are famous in the domestic market , Namely mg 6、 Honda civic and Hyundai festa . Because young design has been welcomed by young domestic consumers . Although civic can still sell every month 1.2 Ten thousand units , But festa and the Baron 6 There is no such strong sales , Festa has a problem with the dual clutch gearbox , Monthly sales are very low , And nobility 6 Our market performance is in line . So if these models with mediocre sales want to make a big breakthrough in the market , You have to upgrade to attract traffic , Let your product power to a higher level . Today I want to introduce the famous Baron 6 That's it. It's the same . Yue gai “ mouth ” The bigger it is , Brand new Marquis 6 Will you pay for this appearance ?

In the interior design , This car is no different from the old model . To tell you the truth, I like mingjue's simple and elegant design style , First of all, the mosaic display looks like a good advanced feeling , The following physical buttons complement each other , Create a good sense of integration and presence . secondly , The car adopts full LCD instrument 、 Chicken leg stopper , The edge of the stopper is dotted with yellow , Make it look more fashionable and sporty . The interior of this car is made of leather and sewing on the edge of the central control , Suede on the steering wheel , Round air outlet and red super sports button . It really gives the performance car a feeling . But many people say that the old Baron 6 After the super sports button is pressed , It doesn't give people an obvious sense of movement , But this car is not a million class sports car , I think it's good at such a price .

motivation , The car carries 1.5T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 181 horsepower , Maximum torque 285nm. It is expected to match 7 Two speed and two-way transmission . Based on the ordinary version of the famous Baron 6, The power system is still very good . 100km acceleration 7.98 second , 100km fuel consumption only 6.2 l . Although many people don't like dual clutch transmission now , But dual clutch transmission also has advantages , That's the replacement logic block . therefore , At this price, matching the dual clutch gearbox on the sports car is a good choice , But dual clutches also include dry and wet . Dry double clutch is still not very practical in urban areas , So if it's a wet double clutch , I believe there are still many acceptable people , And this mingjue 6Pro It's a seven speed wet double clutch gearbox .

in general , Now the car is becoming more and more beautiful 、 More and more close to the people 、 The configuration is getting higher and higher , For barons 6 pro Come on , The change in its appearance is very obvious , Especially when it changes the... On the hood logo, Coupled with the tail wing, its sports performance is very obvious . But I personally think that , This car should have a more powerful version , This will give people an expectation , It makes people feel PRO The version also has something special , Like link 03+ It will also surprise people , But this car has a hybrid XPOWER edition , This model is the representative of extreme sports , So this one PRO The version seems to be a baron 6 Another look appeared in front of us , So do you all think this car looks good ? How much will you pay for it ?

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