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Suspected spy photos of the new Lexus LX road test are expected to be exposed in December

2021-08-24 15:58:06 Oriental Information automobile

In recent days, , We obtained a set of suspected new information from relevant channels lexus LX Road test spy photos of . The new car will be based on the new Rand cooluzer , And it will affect the appearance 、 interior 、 Upgrade the configuration and power . It is reported that , The model is expected to be launched in 2021 year 9 Start to accept reservations in January , And is expected to 12 Officially appeared in .

The spy photos in this exposure are relatively blurred , Therefore, it has some impact on identifying the vehicle , But in combination with the previously exposed pictures of the test vehicle , The new car is a new Lexus LX The probability is higher , In particular, the outline of the air intake grille is very similar to the iconic spindle shape of Lexus , meanwhile , The design of the exterior rearview mirror side turn signal lamp is also very in line with the style of Lexus .

On the caboose side , The new car still retains the square shape of the hardline off-road vehicle , It looks very powerful , And penetrating LED The tail light also further enhances its recognition at night .

motivation , According to the current information , The new car will launch at least five models in the future , Including two models 3.5T V6 Of a twin turbocharged engine LX570 Models and three models are equipped with new V8 Of a twin turbocharged engine LX600 models . Besides , New cars may also be launched LX750h Hybrid version , Its power system will consist of engine and motor , The maximum power is expected to reach 480 horsepower , Peak torque is 871 cattle · Rice or so , The transmission system may match 10 Automatic gearbox .

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