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Selina's ex husband and ex suspected compound? The two traveled together in a luxury car and behaved intimately

2021-08-24 16:01:33 Tencent Entertainment

8 month 15 Japan , Yin Xin, the queen of the Golden Bell Award , and Selina My ex husband, Zhang Chengzhong , This year 3 After breaking up in June , Was photographed traveling in the same luxury car .

As early as before , Someone broke the news that , They can't give up their old love , Willing to give each other another chance .

Is it true that they are , Are you going to get back together ?


Speaking of Selina My ex husband Zhang Chengzhong , Many people didn't know him at first .

This 70 Uncle after , It's outsiders , Later, because of and Selina In love , Before many people know .

stay Selina Career rise period , There is no shortage of suitors around her , Zhang Chengzhong is one of them .

Compared with time management master Luo Zhixiang , Zhang Chengzhong is not handsome enough . But he ended up with maturity 、 Steady temperament , Won Selina My heart .

2010 year 5 month 29 Japan ,S.H.E Hold a concert in little big egg in Taipei .

Zhang Chengzhong turns into a fan , Show up suddenly , Hold the microphone and shout “ The wife , I love you! ”, towards Selina To marry him .

The fans at the scene cheered 、 Heckle ,Selina It was so happy that I once burst into tears , Soft legs , I almost couldn't stand , Fortunately, there are two good sisters holding her .

That's it ,Selina Declared , stay 30 The desire to marry yourself before the age of , At last .

9 month ,Selina Secretly engaged to Zhang Chengzhong , Their wedding is also secretly planned .

Just as they were immersed in the expectation before marriage ,10 month Selina Because acting , Caught in a fire , Seriously injured in hospital , Her whole body is as high as 54% Burn area .

here , There are rumors about her wedding with Zhang Chengzhong , Where to go , there were many discussions .


At this time Selina, To Zhang Chengzhong , You can have a better choice ; But Zhang Chengzhong said , Will continue to work with Selina Hold a wedding .

Before the wedding , yes Selina A long period of repair and adaptation after operation .

She hated everyone around her , Also depressed and desperate .

Disfigured inferiority complex , The burned skin is trapped in the body , Are slowly disintegrating her will .

She is a cruel person , Are the closest people , Including parents 、 Family and fiance Zhang Chengzhong .

Even so , Zhang Chengzhong is still with Selina There was a wedding .

It's just , This wedding is strange and special .

Logically speaking , After such a disaster Selina, I don't want to make public , I don't want too many people to see her after burns .

But , The wedding was surprisingly lively .

88 The wedding table , Please welcome our guests , From Ma Ying Jeou to gou Tai Ming , From Zhang Xiaoyan to Lin Zhiling ; is , Political and business celebrities gathered .

Halfway through the wedding , A funny picture appeared :

When the newcomer stands up , Originally, Zhang Chengzhong's arm , You should hold Selina, But he quickly pulled out , I stood up and clapped my hands happily .

Last , On one side Hebe and Ella, Can't look down , He hurried over and helped me up Selina.

after , Zhang Chengzhong began to appear frequently in front of the media , Talk about Selina The situation of coming back after injury , It seems to have become a media Celebrity ;

next , He took over his father's mantle again , Ran for the local area “ legislator ” .......

His actions , cause Selina Fans are very dissatisfied . They questioned Zhang Chengzhong , Take advantage of his wife's fame , Create your own image of love and righteousness .

Before marriage 2 year ,Selina And Zhang Chengzhong often show their love ; But , The more beautiful , The more strange others feel .

Finally, on the first day after marriage 4 year , It leaked “ Horse feet ”.


stay 2015 year 4 month ,Selina stay 《 Kangxi is here 》 On , Make complaints about Zhang Chengzhong's behavior .

such as , Coffee cups are thrown around , Don't throw it in the trash can ; Never help dogs clean up dog shit , Always let Selina Come in person ; When drying clothes , Always throw it directly from the house onto the clothes drying pole ......

Make complaints about her , Opened the real scene of their marriage : Zhang Bear in , Not on the surface , hold Selina Doting like a little princess ; even to the extent that , Very likely ,Selina It's the one who gives and accommodates more .

In an interview , Zhang Chengzhong once admitted ,Selina In the recovery period after injury , He saw her legs , Just want to throw up .

“ The first time I saw her injured leg , I really want to vomit , even iPad I didn't even notice when I fell off the road , It's not like human legs at all !”

stay Selina When the wound discharges pus , And help her squeeze the pus out a little bit ;

After marriage , because Selina Your skin is fragile , You can't have a room at all , Live in the corridor for a long time .

This is the cruelest marriage reality , One has to marry under pressure , One will marry out because of low self-esteem ; Such a marriage , Dressed in a fairy tale , Sooner or later, it will be torn apart by reality .

Sure enough ,2016 year 3 month 4 Japan ,Selina Announced his divorce from Zhang Chengzhong on social networking sites .

Same year 9 month , She broke the news on her microblog that , I was driven out of my house .

Even so ,Selina Finally, thanks for the experience of fire kiss 、 After divorce and two major difficulties in life , Parents still have no regrets , Stay with her .

thereafter ,Selina Into the 5 The empty window of the year , Until now , She's still single .

But her ex husband , Have a new love .


2019 year , Zhang Chengzhong's date with Yin Xin, Taiwan TV queen, was photographed , Their relationship , And therefore exposed .

Have to admit , Since Zhang Chengzhong borrowed Selina, After being famous , The new comer is also a beauty in the entertainment industry .

And Yin Xin , Through her agent, she generously admitted that she and Zhang Chengzhong had been in love for half a year , And said it was an association for the purpose of marriage .

Many people know that , After the news that Zhang Chengzhong is in love again , Metropolis Selina take up the cudgels for the injured party .

The parties concerned Selina But it's quiet , Bless Zhang Chengzhong generously . because , Maybe I loved , however , It was just once ; Now I'm just a familiar stranger .

and Selina After the divorce , Zhang Chengzhong said , He wasn't romantic enough before 、 considerate ; Always let Selina Run after him , And after he was with Yin Xin ?

Yin Xin is ill and has a high fever , He takes good care of , Bring him food ......

Some netizens say , Do men love you , It depends on whether he is considerate of you .

therefore , Whether Zhang Chengzhong ever loved Selina, Only he knows .

Zhang Chengzhong and Yin Xin have been dating for less than 2 year , This year, Yin Xin suddenly announced her breakup .

2021 year , Yin Xin confirmed the breakup through her agent , And admit that the two people are in character , There are some insurmountable problems .

This thought , That's the end of the story , Don't think , On the eve of Tanabata , The media took pictures of two people traveling together in a luxury car .

In the picture , Zhang Chengzhong went to pick up Yin Xin and cut her hair , Then take her back to her apartment ; period Yin Xin is still out of the window , A hand , Poked Zhang Chengzhong on the cheek .

This intimacy , Considered by netizens as a sign of compound .

The original , Zhang Chengzhong is also with Selina Opening and closing , Finally into marriage , But in the end, they divorced because they were exhausted .

Whether Zhang Chengzhong and Yin Xin are the same , Is not clear .

As a family of lawyers , He has a good family background , Maybe I don't worry about having a girlfriend at all .

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