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Can the new tenth generation Sonata be reborn?

2021-08-24 16:10:32 Oriental Information automobile

The eighth generation of sonata is fairly good , But the ninth generation can't find the direction at all ,2018 In, Sonata sold a total of 8000 More than a , Not even as mainstream B One month's sales of first-class cars . A new generation of sonata is getting closer to us , Can we fight a better turnaround , Pony, tell me your opinion .

The new Sonata, that is, the tenth generation Sonata, has made great progress in appearance , Many foreign media have reported pictures , After the introduction of domestic , Although there may be more or less changes , But the general direction should not change . The new Sonata's side lines are perfect , From the side, the ground clearance in the middle of the car body is greater than that at both ends , So the waistline looks very symmetrical , Like a handsome guy in a suit .

The front of the car still uses the hexagonal rhombic air inlet grille , Both sides adopt plated strips from the rear of the car to the hood to the headlights , The whole design is integrated , Very thoughtful , The gyratory headlamp group is also very impact . The daytime running lights are hidden in the trim strip under the air intake grille , When the sun light is turned off, it can be integrated with this plated decorative strip .

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