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Nissan's new Jinke is on the market. The whole series doesn't give skylights. No wonder it's hard to sell

2021-08-24 16:10:36 Oriental Information automobile

In terms of appearance, the overall outline of the new model is very similar to that of the current model , They are all created by the concept of urban phantom , Exquisite and fashionable, not bad . The body is a double body , The suspended roof of the roof part . In the luxury model, it will also give a boomerang LED Headlights and boomerang LED Daytime running light , The exclusive version of Zhilian has a new dynamic Kit . These configuration upgrades have greatly improved the car's sense of class , It is also easier to operate and use .

From the side of the car body, its line design is very strong and sharp , The profile of the side is strong and stylish , It's a bit of an urban man . Dongfeng Nissan seems to be very close to its positioning , For those who really want to have a walking tool and enjoy life . It's hard to buy models 2 Annual interest free , Young people can buy cars more easily . Although there is no skylight , But you can add it yourself ! Although no domestic car is more cost-effective , But it's a joint venture car after all, and this car is really fuel-efficient , Don't worry about keeping a car .

The design skills of the interior part of the new car can be seen , Only BMW Bentley level won the award, it also won . stay 2019 The name of Nissan Jinke is in Ward's top ten interiors , It's fun to think about it . In the configuration part, it is equipped with many intelligent technology configurations , The only one in the same class NISSAN i-SAFETY Intelligent active security system , Monitor the surrounding conditions of the vehicle in real time through the camera , Early warning or automatic braking for possible collision , Realize full-time and all-round safety protection .

The power part of the new car is equipped with the third generation HR15 All aluminum engine , Maximum output 91kW, Peak torque 153N·m, matching XTRONIC CVT Intelligent continuously variable transmission , Under comprehensive working conditions, the fuel consumption per 100 km is only 5.6 l . Although not many people see this car on the street , And it doesn't have many low configuration cars , But because of fuel saving and excellent power training , It is still a car worthy of attention . Although tangled with its configuration , However, from a practical point of view, it is very cost-effective .

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