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Hi, Honda CRV. After two months of driving, the owner said how he felt

2021-08-24 16:10:40 Oriental Information automobile

【 Space 】 The front and rear rows are absolutely spacious . In car storage capacity : Honda is worthy of being a space magician , The design is good , There is no unnecessary unreasonable space , card 、 package 、 The key 、 Mobile phones can find special places , Send back the coaster bought by a treasure 20 Multiple blocks 、 I've been pretending for a long time and found more 5 I don't know where to put it , Study before loading !

【 power 】 Power start delay , Speed up soon . The acceleration and deceleration are very good after the speed increases ,1.5T The power is higher than that of the old model 2.4 Slightly stronger . Good engine . But I didn't care .

【 Fuel consumption 】 Most satisfied with fuel consumption ,1.5 Tons of cars than my Carnival 1.1 Tons also save fuel , The city + Expressway +50 Km high speed , ran 1 000 km , Comprehensive fuel consumption 6.8L, still 92 Of , True Province .

【 comfort 】 Very satisfied with the seats , Of course, it can't be compared with the sofa factory , Test drive link , The seat is too short and uncomfortable , Although link's seats are high-end . Interior Multimedia : The sound of the speaker is low , It's OK to make do with four speakers .4S Installed Android screen + Reversing image + Reversing radar , It's practical ,JD The car purifier I bought .

【 Space 】 I drive alone , Don't consider the back row . Anyway, the family is a little cramped , This car is still suitable for young people , Girls are very suitable for , Boys look at their personal preferences , I like cars , Golf and 33_ Choose a choice 33.

【 power 】D It's really a bit of meat , however s There's nothing wrong with starting in gear , Turning on the air conditioner in summer does not affect the power output , If you want to push your back, it's still M Block with strength ! however s I'm a little retarded , Improper upshift results in failure to stay at the maximum torque speed for a long time , So the sense of acceleration is generally felt in the later stage . Zero hundred in 8 2 about , If m block 4500 Shift gears can reach 7 6 about .

【 Manipulation 】 The car handles very well , The disadvantage is that the steering wheel is a little heavy , Girls may have a little trouble . It is characterized by lightness at low speed , Speed up 80 It becomes heavier , Yes 1 20 It's basically heavy . The brakes haven't been locked yet , However, according to the current experience, the braking effect is still very good .

【 Fuel consumption 】 at present 5000 km , Comprehensive road conditions 6 8 Very satisfied with the fuel consumption .

【 The most satisfied 】 The space is large , Low fuel consumption , It's so quiet , I can't hear the engine . Honda Dafa is good , Driving and acceleration are very comfortable .

【 The most unsatisfied 】 The paint is thin ( Japanese style ), When starting on a half slope, step on the accelerator deeply ( not so bad , in S Better gear ) Acceleration has 1 Second delay . Configuration is a little low ( It should be all keyless entry start ), Mainly less rice, only the comfortable version . Other leather seats, electric seats and so on don't matter , With or without a key, just start the mirror folding .

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