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Another "big man", more domineering than the range rover, "million Range Rover" is no longer a dream

2021-08-24 16:10:48 Oriental Information automobile

In recent years , Domestic large space models are more and more loved by Chinese people . thus , This has prompted the major automobile brands to launch new models one after another , To consolidate their market position . As for the cars that are more concerned by consumers in the domestic auto market, hanlanda 、 Tu ang 、 Range Rover and so on , They have made good achievements in the domestic automobile market with excellent quality and high cost performance , Proved his excellence with excellent sales . however , Now as a big brand, Hanlong can't help it , Add this “ Big guy ”, More aggressive than Range Rover ,10 Million buy “ Million range rover ” No longer a dream ! It's about Hanlong Kuang Shi .

aesthetic : About the appearance of the world , The intake grille adopts a flat hexagonal design, similar to a regular trapezoid and an inverted trapezoid , The interior is equipped with multiple horizontal chrome plated strips , Connect the headlights on both sides , The lower part of the front face is the bumper area , Daytime running lights on both sides .

The size of the peerless is very large ,4985/1995/1819mm The width of high ,2997mm The wheelbase , The wheelbase has exceeded the standard axis of the range rover , Such data can ensure very sufficient interior space , With a seat with a strong sense of wrapping , Both front and rear passengers , Can take good care of .

The interior , It integrates the design elements of multiple models , There is a one-piece screen of Mercedes Benz 、 Jaguar Land Rover's rotary gear shifting mechanism, etc , Of course, Hanlong designer didn't do anything , The original steering wheel is full of originality L Type twist design should be a highlight ? It's just that I think , Is this the rhythm of obsessive-compulsive disorder ?

To configure :10.25 Inch LCD dashboard and 10.5 Inch central control large screen integrated , Integrated man-machine interconnection system 、 Vehicle mounted system 、 Navigation and other functions , The configuration has , Electric suction door 、 Electric telescopic welcome pedal 、 Panoramic sunroof 、 The automatic air conditioning 、 Electrically adjustable heated seats, etc .

It is a pity , Only Land Rover's face , But you don't get Land Rover “ heart ”. Dynamic part , Hanlong Kuangshi carries a 2.0T The engine , Maximum power is 160kW, Peak torque 370Nm. In terms of transmission system, it will match those from ZF 8AT transmission . besides , Hanlong Kuangshi also provides two drives 、 4WD for consumers to choose

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