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Wuling ZhengTu's competitors came to Chang'an and went on sale from 57800 across F3

2021-08-24 16:10:52 Oriental Information automobile

When will it start , In China, it was once regarded as the pickup truck of the king of goods , It began to be popular in the north and south of the river . You have imported versions of Raptor and Tantu , Then I'll have the Great Wall cannon against you . You want to buy a Wuling journey, engage in freight transportation and make money , Then I dare to give you a competitive product of Chang'an brand , No, it is. 6 A little guy of 10000 level , How can you make Wuling family dominant ?

When Wuling journey was listed , It really triggered a wave of pickup ring “ The earthquake ”, This product is either expensive or ugly , There is another model that can give consideration to cost performance and multi-purpose , Isn't it fun ? It's better to be alone than to be happy , Chang'an also came to join the fun . Changan leapfrog's Spanning King F3 Here comes the new face , It is divided into four models: long axle and short axle , The selling price range is from 5.78 Wan to 6.08 ten thousand .

For pickups at this price , You certainly can't ask Ta How big , It's great as long as you have enough body to pull goods . Across the price of Wang, you can see Ta It's mainly for commercial use , It is positioned in the means of production pickup truck . But compared with the previous products ,TA There is no sense of cheapness , Just this front face , And these days SUV Similarly, a large-size air inlet grille is adopted , The interior is a matrix shape , Chrome trim on details .

Because this car provides short axle and long axle versions . The stub shaft is what you think of as a traditional pickup truck , Only the rearmost breast board can be opened , The overall dimensions are 5080*1745*1720mm, The size of the luxury model has increased ,5262*1745*1735mm, The wheelbase of both cars is 3020mm. However, the three side breast boards of the long axle container are designed to be openable , Obviously more practical . and TA The size of is also positioned at 5660*1745*1725mm, The wheelbase 3475mm, The maximum load capacity is 745 kg .

In terms of power, the new car is equipped with Dong'an power 1.6 Lift naturally aspirated engine , The most powerful 90kW, Peak torque 158N·m, In terms of transmission 5 Speed manual transmission . The official message is the top speed of the car 120km/h, One hundred kilometers fuel consumption only 7.9 l .

Ghost car view : The pickup truck that pulls goods is called micro card , Only those that are compatible with more scenes are called pickups , Changan leap has always been dominated by micro cards , Now from across the king F3 Start the transition to pickup truck , Directly set the competitive products on Wuling journey 、 Medium sized tiger and golden cup . Everything is caused by the price , You feel 6 Ten thousand yuan Ta, Is it okay ?

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