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The good car in my eyes is mainly recommended to buy a car in the graduation season. It's right to choose these three small SUVs

2021-08-24 16:10:55 Oriental Information automobile

For young prospective car owners , Choosing a good-looking and easy to drive model as the first car in life is of great significance . This is not only the beginning of life as a car owner , It is also of great benefit to accumulate valuable driving experience in the future . And these are the small ones 、 Small with outstanding appearance SUV One of the reasons why it will be popular , We chose three small SUV Make recommendations , One of these three is always suitable for you .

Honda XR-V The front face looks very sporty , China open uses a single width design , The large bright black decorative strip looks a little special , With exquisite chrome trim , The whole is still very recognizable . Honda XR-V The headlights look sharp , The high and low beam lamps are equipped with halogen light source as standard , The lighting effect at night is regular . In terms of configuration , Front fog lamps equipped with halogen light source 、 The height of the headlight is adjustable 、 Headlamp delay off . Honda XR-V The rear of the car looks quite simple and fashionable , The bottom is supplemented by through ornaments to look young and atmospheric , With the exquisite blackened tail lamp , It is also very suitable for the aesthetics of young consumers .

Honda XR-V The interior presents a simple design style , The asymmetric center console has a unique shape , It looks not only young but also sporty , But the plastic texture is a little obvious . The steering wheel is made of plastic , Honda XR-V Equipped with a three spoke steering wheel , The number of multi-function keys is rich , It has good practicability . Besides , Equipped with steering wheel 4 Adjust to manual .

The seats are made of fabric as standard , Honda XR-V The seats are mainly grey , The shape is relatively simple , Fairly comfortable , Equipped with driver's seat 2 Adjust to high and low . Honda XR-V General rear space , But it can meet the needs of daily household . Although there is a bulge in the center of the rear floor , But fortunately, the bulge is not big , In addition, the rear seat is equipped with a central head restraint , It can ensure the comfort of the middle passengers in the rear row .

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