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"Carrying handle" in diesel off-road vehicle! 3.0T + aircraft gear handle, wading for nearly 1m, with models and samples

2021-08-24 16:10:59 Oriental Information automobile

Off-road vehicle , Romance of men , Almost every man has a dream of riding in the desert with a cross-country model with strong cross-country ability . That's why , Now? SUV The model is loved by everyone because its appearance is closer to the off-road model . After all, a pure off-road model is very poor in both driving and riding experience , More Than This , Prices are also more expensive than other models . But there are no exceptions , Today, I'd like to introduce a powerful off-road model that is extremely popular but the price is not particularly high , Isuzu nomad .

First of all, in terms of appearance , The Isuzu Nomad as a whole feels like a hardline , At the same time, it is mixed with a certain sense of science and Technology . Although the appearance and shape are somewhat outdated , But Isuzu masked this problem with excellent color matching . The color of cement ash is dotted with sanitation yellow representing sports and vitality , It does look pretty .

The length, width and height of this car is 4830*1860*1830mm, The wheelbase is 2845mm, The interior space is large enough , And from the high wheel eyebrow on the side of the car body, it can be seen that the nomad has sufficient suspension travel at a comparable price . interiors , It's a nomad's weakness , First, the workmanship of Isuzu in Jiangxi Province is generally rough , Second, Isuzu didn't pay special attention to the interior design , However, there are still large central control screens , Even the gear lever is designed in the form of an aircraft gear handle .

Final power , The petrol version of the Ranger is not recommended , Let's focus on the diesel version . carrying 1.9T and 3.0T Diesel engine , Transmission matching 6AT,1.9T The most powerful 120KW, Peak torque 360 Cattle meters .3.0T The most powerful 130KW, Peak torque 430 Cattle meters , In order to increase the wading depth, the air inlet is specially increased , The maximum wading depth is nearly 1 The height of meters , And it has strong enough practical off-road ability

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