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Once the king Baojun 510, please revive your majesty

2021-08-24 16:17:00 Oriental Information automobile

There's a car , Once created a market 3 Monthly sales exceeded 3 The legend of Wan , But now it's gone , Only a few thousand sales per month linger , I have a chance to , Test drive for a while , I have something to say .1、 The power is really poor ,1.5L Natural suction CVT, It's a nightmare , The accelerator is pressed to the bottom and the speed doesn't move ;2、 At the three or nine o'clock position of the steering wheel, cut the hand , How could such a low-level problem be made ?3、 The central control screen is just a screen , Not even the most basic navigation function ;4、 The configuration is quite high , But there's some redundancy for this car , Let me give you a few examples , The automatic air conditioning 、 The rearview mirror folds automatically 、 Seat heating 、 The rear seat cushion turns forward , Especially the back seat cushion that turns forward , What's the use ? Instead, the headlights are halogen , It's better to remove these configurations and LED Lower the price of headlights , Affordable , Is it not good? ? This car was once a hit baojun 510, In fact, correct your shortcomings , This car still has a chance to sell more than 10000 , Don't sell it badly , Just stop production , Then change the appearance, change a name and continue to sell , Looking forward to your comeback , Reinvigorate the wind .

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