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Compared with uni-k, mocha is an autonomous medium-sized SUV. What should I choose?

2021-08-24 16:17:04 Oriental Information automobile

recently ,“ Internal volume ” Spread to all industries , From working people to reading students , From takeout to business CEO, We are all faced with “ Internal volume ” The embarrassing dilemma of competition . in fact , The same is true in the automotive industry ! With the current competitive medium-sized enterprises SUV Take the market as an example , In order to better meet the needs of consumers , Major car companies have launched their new flagship products , And equipped it with the latest family 、 The most advanced technology , I'm afraid it can't meet the needs of consumers . In fact, there are many such car companies , For example, in the independent brand WEY And Chang'an are two typical examples . In order to better seize the medium-sized SUV Highland , The two have brought us Mocha and UNI-K. So for our consumers , If we choose between two , Which of these two cars is more worth seeing ?

Adhering to the principle of fairness and justice , Next, we will choose two models with similar prices for comparison , They are selling prices 18.78 Million Mocha 2021 paragraph 2.0T The two drive deluxe version and the selling price are 18.49 Ten thousand yuan of Chang'an UNI-K 2021 paragraph 2.0T All wheel drive noble . Appearance comparison : Mocha pays attention to momentum ,UNI-K Focus on science fiction SUV Of “ volume ”, First of all, it is reflected in the appearance . Undeniable? , Today, with the continuous change of automobile technology , Major automobile enterprises have also made great efforts in automobile design . From the front 、 side 、 The tail , Even the lights 、 Tail lights and other details , We can see the brand-new thinking of brand design . For mocha and UNI-K The same is true of these two cars .

First look WEY mocha , Design aspect ,WEY Mocha as a whole is very imposing . The large hexagonal mouth in the front face is integrated into the dot matrix Chinese open , In highly recognizable logo With the help of , The visual effect is extremely domineering . And the field of vision moves to the side of the body , The car also introduces a very popular hidden design , A sense of sophistication . As for the tail , The car adopts a sliding back design , Fit the spoiler above the rear , It can create a highly recognizable car body posture .

and WEY The momentum of mocha's main players is different , changan UNI-K It's more like a car designed for the future . Not to mention the overall shape of the car , Its borderless front face , With oversized logo, Can show a strong sense of science fiction . in addition , It goes with a sharp all LED Headlights and under the front face “Y” Zigzag fog lamp shape , Officially called “ Starship ”, The sense of technology is also self-evident . in addition , Like a sliding back tail , Hidden door handle design , There was no absence on this car , The overall performance is excellent .

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