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The monthly sales volume exceeded 8000, but it was controversial on the Internet. How about this car?

2021-08-24 16:21:56 Oriental Information automobile

Although the development of new energy vehicles is getting better and better , But there are always some people , Including me , They are still resistant to pure electric new energy . It's hard to charge just one 、 Slow charging , It will make it difficult for me to embrace pure electricity . therefore , In reality , Hybrid energy vehicles may be the best transition choice . Car owners with this attitude , There must be a lot more , Ideal one The sales volume in a single month exceeded 8000 platform , Is the best proof . So I'll use this car today BOP Invisible car clothes 2021 The ideal one, Let's take a look at the controversial it , Why can there be such good sales .

First appearance on , Newly added Deep Green Although the price of color will be increased 1 ten thousand , But the particularity makes many car owners choose it without hesitation . In fact, the appearance of the new model has not changed much , The biggest difference in the front face , There is nothing better than adding steering assist lights and steering lights on both sides of the front bumper , The advantage of this is to avoid the daytime running lights of the old models and take into account the function of steering lights , It destroys the unity and coordination after the front face light is lit . Other designs , It basically retains the style of the old model , So if you like the look of the old model , Then you must like the new look .

The interior still hasn't changed much , Visually, it looks basically the same as the old model . The biggest changes are two points , One is the official promotion of softer materials for seats , But the actual ride experience , You'll find that there's basically no difference . Maybe this change is not enough to produce strong sensory differences . The second is the new ideal one To cancel the 7 A version of the model , Only keep 6 A layout , Because past sales data show ,96% Car owners choose 6 A model , therefore 7 The seat layout really has no meaning . It should be said , Such a change for car owners , I don't feel much !

The last one that changed a little more , Is to increase the volume of the oil tank , From the original 45L Increased to 55L, This is due to the volume optimization of the new handlebar motor , Save more space . For some car owners , Maybe the new model is ideal one 140 Kilometers of pure electric range , Enough to ensure their use of urban commuting , Filling up a tank of oil may not be used for many times , But more 10L Tank volume , The measured comprehensive endurance of the whole vehicle reaches 800 Many kilometers , Enough for this car to deal with all kinds of complex situations . As for whether this car has enough power , How about the driving experience , It is recommended to consider the owner of the car , Or after a test drive , Make a decision again !

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