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Audi broke out completely! From 190000 to 140000, it is as stable as the high-speed railway has never seen it float

2021-08-24 16:21:59 Oriental Information automobile

Audi, as one of the three luxury brands , It's been a hard time these years , People don't recognize this brand as much as they did more than ten years ago , Even in the United States, its market share is occupied by Lexus . Now Audi has finished starting from the price of millions , To a comprehensive layout of more than 100000 prices , In other words, as long as we like the Audi brand , No matter which price range, you can find the right Audi model . This also virtually compresses the living space of many joint venture brands and even domestic brands , Fortunately, Audi's price strategy is relatively stable , So everyone seems to be safe , There is not much conflict of interest . Today is Audi A3 了 ,19 Ten thousand fell to 14 All the , In order to sell more cars, Audi has to cut down again , The sense of luxury is really not inferior to Mercedes Benz A.

The appearance changes are just right , The front face is angular , The headlight has added a corner treatment , Worse , Recognition is also higher . The big hexagonal mouth is wider , Make the whole body look low and fight . The three-dimensional feeling of the lower surround is enhanced , The huge honeycomb air inlet completely looks like a high-performance car .

interior A3 's interior , Audi's designers also tried their best , The overall interior style has become more refined, and the sense of technology has become stronger , Porsche's pocket bumper is also used . The two high air outlets in the driver's seat look symmetrical . The full LCD dashboard is still full of functions , A variety of display effects give the driver more choices . Lao Hui likes the manual button in the air conditioning area , Relative to A6 The LCD screen is easy to use and saves the trouble of cleaning fingerprints .

motivation , New cars will continue to be shipped 1.4T Turbocharged engine , Maximum power is 110kW, Peak torque is 250N·m, Transmission system matching 7 Fast double clutch gearbox .

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