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Guinness Seth gv60 official drawing is released, which continues the family style design and has good interior texture

2021-08-24 16:22:04 Oriental Information automobile

Speaking of Denise , It can be said that since the beginning of this year , About its first pure electric SUV Road test spy photos are common , For this Korean high-end brand new car , Many netizens also have high expectations . After all, it is a new attempt of Korean high-end electric vehicles , Car owners who have seen the new power high-end models are also full of curiosity about the joint venture high-end electric vehicles .

From the official picture of this exposure , This is based on Hyundai's E-GMP The electric vehicle built by the platform adopts a new design language , More youthful and luxurious . The headlights and fog lamps are designed in parallel , From the front , The light groups on both sides are like dragonfly wings . China Grid adopts closed treatment , It emphasizes its identity as a pure electric vehicle . The large mouth grille inherits the design style of the geneseth family , The tusks on both sides also make the new car full of aggression and recognition .

From the side , The new car adopts the alloy wheel hub in the shape of five frame windmill , It gives people a sense of machinery , A relatively ample gap is reserved between the wheel arch and the wheel hub , It also makes this new car have better off-road ability . The hidden door handle makes the new car look full of science and Technology , The luggage racks on both sides of the roof also create the feeling of suspended roof for the new car , With the body of sliding back design and high waist line design , It gives people a strong sense of movement .

From the rear of the car , Janice Seth GV60 The split tail lamp design is adopted , The design is similar to that of the headlight , The upper and lower symmetrical fracture design is selected , More fashionable and trendy . The slightly raised tail and compact tail also make the new car more sporty . The setting of no exhaust port also re emphasizes its identity of pure electric vehicle energy conservation and environmental protection .

In the interior , From the official map , The instrument panel and central control screen of the new car adopt an integrated suspension design , More sense of technology , A small LCD screen for controlling the air conditioner is also added below the central control screen , Left and right A There are also two rectangular screens in the column area , Make the technology atmosphere in the car stronger . The dual width multi-functional steering wheel and rotary shift also give the driver and passenger a more comfortable sense of control .

In terms of motivation , At present, the official of Guinness Seth has not announced the specific power parameters of the new car , according to IONIQ 5 and EV6 The performance of the , Single motor and dual motor versions may be available for new vehicles , Among them, single motor models or provide two power options , The maximum power is respectively 169Ps and 217Ps; The maximum power of dual motor model is or 305Ps. According to foreign media, it is speculated that , A new car may be equipped with a battery pack of two capacities , Respectively 58kWh and 77.4kWh, The driving range can reach 483km.

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