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This is the real "domestic Prado"! 600 real tanks exposed, Chengdu auto show will be unveiled

2021-08-24 16:32:30 Youshi automobile

Speaking of the tank brand of Great Wall Motors , Since the tank 300 After its release, it has attracted extensive attention from people from all walks of life . At this year's Shanghai Auto Show , The tank brand displayed tanks for us in one breath 700\800 And cybertanks 300 Wait for many models , It can be seen that Great Wall Motors has enough confidence to build cars now . Although the manufacturer claims that tanks 700 and 800 At present, they are still in the state of concept cars , But once the new car is on display , Or ignited the restless hearts of many consumers , It can be seen that the attention of these two vehicles is high .

Now time has come 8 late , tanks 700 and 800 The probability of the model is that we have to wait , however , Another new car will officially meet us soon , It's a tank 600.

As a brand-new medium and large tank brand SUV, tanks 600 With and tanks 300 Completely different overall visual experience , From the recent spy photos of real cars , tanks 600 The shape is also very similar to Toyota Prado , therefore , I have to say that this is the real “ Domestic Prado ” ah . Fortunately, the new car will be in 8 month 29 It was officially unveiled at the Chengdu Auto Show opened on the th , At that time, friends who like hardline off-road vehicles will be blessed .

From the exposed real car photos , tanks 600 It's the same as the manuscript preview released by the official before , The whole front face is decorated with an exaggerated big mouth and a large area of chrome plated trim , It looks very atmospheric , At the same time, there is also a smell of luxury cars .

Body size , tanks 600 The length, width and height are respectively 5070/1934/1905mm, The wheelbase is 2850mm. As a reference , The length, width and height of Toyota Prado are 4840/1885/1890mm, Wheelbase as 2790mm( Non rear mounted spare wheel version ). After comparison, we can also see , In terms of body size , tanks 600 It has completely surpassed Toyota Prado , Therefore, it is called medium and large SUV There's no problem .

As for the rear part , Through hand drawn drawings and real cars, we can see , tanks 600 In the design of some areas, tanks are used for reference 300 Design elements of , For example, the vertical tail lamp group 、TANK English logo , These are all able to be in tanks 300 The elements found on the model . however , tanks 600 The interior of the tail lamp adopts 4 Group ring LED The light band is made up of , This is unique to the car , So it also brings a good visual effect .

The interior part has not been announced yet , But there was also a spy picture . From the exposed pictures , tanks 600 Overall interior and tank 300 Very similar , The central control area is a large LCD screen , At the same time, the instrument panel also adopts full LCD display . in addition , The design of the gear handle in the shift area is also similar to that of the tank 300 There is little difference between models , This also shows the identity of its tank brand models .

The last is motivation , tanks 600 Fuel version and hybrid version will be available . The fuel version adopts 2.0T and 3.0T The engine , It is worth mentioning that this set 3.0T power , It is the latest research and development of Great Wall group 、 First carried in a tank 600 The powertrain on the model . Its maximum power can reach 260 kw (354 horsepower ), Peak torque up to 500 cattle · rice , The transmission is the first one independently developed by great wall 9 Self - contained gearbox . in addition , A new car 0-100km/h Expected acceleration time 6 It can be completed in seconds , The power performance is very strong .

as for 2.0T models , Its maximum power can reach 180 kw , Peak torque is 380 Cattle meters , The transmission is also matched 9 Self - contained gearbox , To meet the needs of different users for various power forms . Besides , It is believed that the common non load-bearing body and 4WD system of hardline off-road vehicles will not be used in tanks 600 There is some absence on the model , After all , This is the tank 600 Can we call it “ Domestic Prado ” The real determinant of , So great Wall Motors should not let us down .

At the end : in general , At present, hardline off-road medium and large-scale vehicles are really on sale in the domestic market SUV, In fact, it's just Toyota Prado . Now , With domestic tanks 600 The model will appear in Chengdu auto show , We have reason to believe that , As long as the price of this car is set at 25-35 10000 price range , It can gain more users' favor and recognition .

After all , The price is 19.58-23 Ten thousand yuan tank 300 It has become a “ In short supply ” Best selling models , If the tank 600 Just fill the tank 300 Up 25 Wan to 35 10000 price range , Then Great Wall Motors has gradually completed the layout of hardliners in all fields SUV Has the strategic intention of been basically completed ?

Finally, don't forget , tanks 700 And tanks 800 In the near future, he will also officially meet us , therefore 35-60 The price range of 10000 may be handed over to these two cars to conquer . If the above is as we expected , So great wall motor has set a big flag on the tank brand , And with the tanks 600 It will be officially unveiled soon , I'm afraid the good play has just begun .( writing / ATV Da Zhuo )

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