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Carola, Chang'an Mazda 3, the ultimate duel of anksila: elegance and perseverance vs dynamic explosion

2021-08-24 17:25:50 Oriental Information automobile

Toyota corolla and Mazda 3 Anksila has always been used for all kinds of comparisons , Both have relatively large markets , The beauty of the watch , Trendy , So far , Their appearance and interior are excellent , The sense of design is enough , Great texture , meanwhile , Extraordinary taste , however , Carola's appearance is relatively low-key , Perseverance in elegance , The lower body shows more connotation , Mazda anksila is more open , Cool , Show your personality , meanwhile , Its body is more rigid and safe , A sense of strength . that , Which one is better to choose ? Let's look at the analysis of this article .

Toyota Corolla's appearance is elegant and fashionable , Show low-key Charm , Face before , The long stripe grid design with pull down treatment is adopted , Match with the classic logo above , meanwhile , With eagle eyes on both sides LED Large headlight , Enhance the appearance of the whole front face , With the lower center of gravity , More ready to go , overall , The whole front face is atmospheric 、 wide , Deep and powerful , It can arouse people's inner desire to drive , meanwhile , Its body lines are very beautiful and coherent , Take it easy , With curved surface design , More atmospheric beauty . Mazda anksila adheres to the original soul design concept , Redefining the art of car making , Let the car slowly have the power of life , Put people 、 Cars are linked by emotional ties , This is the philosophy of soul design , Mazda 3 Anksila is based on minimalist Aesthetics , Make the appearance of the whole vehicle more simple , however , In the delicate light , Can show a sense of life , More concise and atmospheric beauty , Increase the information of the whole vehicle . Face before , It adopts the design of dense air inlet grille with temperament , With the classic Mazda logo , More broad atmosphere , meanwhile , With eagle eyes on both sides , More gas field , Cooperate with the coating process of the whole vehicle , Make the car more powerful , Handsome .

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