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Jetta brand will operate independently with unified production and marketing, and its headquarters will be located in Chengdu

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8 month 17 Japan , faw - The public A new round of organization and responsibility transfer has been completed , According to plan , jetta Parameters picture ) Brand sales department from FAW - Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. transferred its Volkswagen brand to FAW - Volkswagen Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch jetta Under the brand . faw - Volkswagen Co., Ltd. Chengdu branch is the production place of Jetta , With the transfer of the organization of the sales division , Jetta will realize the unification of production and marketing in Chengdu .

With the transfer of sales to Chengdu , Jetta brand headquarters will also be officially settled in Chengdu . It means , As a subsidiary of Volkswagen , Jetta will be in FAW - Independent operation within the Volkswagen system .

“ From FAW - Volkswagen level ,( This change marks its ) Pay more attention to the development of Jetta brand , In the future, Jetta brand will have more space .” Jetta brand insiders told the Economic Observer reporter .

For the above changes , Some people interpret it as that Jetta will completely break away from the mass brand . But these insiders point out , This statement is not accurate .“ Volkswagen brand is a global brand , So of course not from , It can only be said that the independence of Jetta brand has been improved again .” The source told the Economic Observer network reporter .

The insider pointed out that , Jetta brand is in FAW - Volkswagen's independent operation , There are two major benefits for the brand : First, internal decision-making is more efficient .“ The previous decision-making mode was two-way reporting between the sales company and Chengdu Branch , After the change, the decision-making level has been optimized , Improved decision-making efficiency ”.

Second, internal coordination is more efficient .“ Many brands have production and sales ‘ Separation ’ The problem of , Jetta has truly realized the integration of production and marketing , Sales will have a greater say on products , Sales can efficiently transfer the needs of front-line customers to production , Rapid product improvement .”

Before this adjustment , Jetta is in a state of separation of production and marketing : Produced in FAW - Volkswagen Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch , The sales business is carried out by FAW - The Jetta brand sales division under the Volkswagen brand of Volkswagen Sales Co., Ltd. is responsible for . And after adjustment , Chengdu branch and Jetta brand will be responsible for the production and marketing business of Jetta brand .

The insider also mentioned , The establishment of Jetta brand headquarters in Chengdu will bring more resources . Chengdu attaches importance to and promotes Jetta , It is conducive to Jetta's expansion at the brand appeal and market level .

But here's the thing , Although Jetta brand headquarters will be located in Chengdu , However, Jetta's sales department only involves the transfer of administrative relations , Rather than physical transfer . It is reported that ,100 The multi person Jetta sales team will remain in Changchun , as a result of “ There are a lot of people , The relocation is quite troublesome ”.

faw - Volkswagen Co., Ltd. Chengdu Branch in 2009 year 5 month 8 It was officially established in Chengdu on the th , It's FAW - Volkswagen's vehicle manufacturing base in Chengdu . at present , Chengdu production base mainly produces Jetta models .

Jetta is in 2019 Years ago, it was FAW - A model of Volkswagen brand ,2019 year 2 month , faw - Volkswagen announced that it will officially upgrade Jetta from a car to a new sub brand ——“ jetta ”. According to FAW - Public planning , After upgrading to a brand, Jetta's positioning is lower than that of the Volkswagen brand , Lower the price to 10 ten thousand element within , In order to gain more market share .

After upgrading , Jetta has adopted an independent brand Logo And sales channels , By FAW - Volkswagen's independent team is responsible for the operation . at present , Jetta brand has successively launched three products , They are hatchback cars VA3、A level SUV models VS5 as well as A+ level SUV models VS7, The price in 6 ten thousand -14 Ten thousand yuan range .

Jetta, which entered the sinking market, is considered to be FAW - Volkswagen's impact on annual sales 300 A new growth point of 10000 vehicles . The data of the ride show , Jetta brand 7 Monthly sales volume is 9200 car , fell 17%, The cumulative sales volume in the first seven months was nearly 9.5 Thousands of cars . According to FAW - The planning of Volkswagen Jetta brand division at the beginning of this year ,2021 The sales target of Jetta in is 20 Thousands of cars .“

“ Jetta is indeed the fastest growing new brand in terms of growth rate , Greater responsibility is placed on the shareholder level . When children grow up, they will be independent sooner or later .“ The insiders said . Jetta brand is in FAW - Internal organization transfer of Volkswagen , Released a signal , That is, the shareholders of China and Germany pay more attention to Jetta brand .

But here's the thing , Compared to popular brands , Jetta brand is still young , Therefore, after transferring out of the Volkswagen brand , Although Jetta's development independence has improved , But in terms of brand appeal, it may face greater challenges .

You can see , In FAW - While Volkswagen promotes Jetta brand independence , Other domestic automobile enterprises also have the operation of returning after the independence of sub brands , Such as Qichen brand , In independent development 3 It was announced that it would return to Dongfeng Nissan at the end of last year , Incorporated into the management of Dongfeng Nissan , And one of the reasons for its return , It is considered that the development is not as smooth as expected after breaking away from the Nissan brand . Take this as a reference , Can Jetta go all the way to independent development Smooth road There are still question marks .

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