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Online car Hailing orders rebounded in July, and the effect of the "money burning" war in the industry began to show

2021-08-24 17:27:29 Netease automotive industry

After a month of intense “ killing ” after , Each online car Hailing platform 7 Of the month “ school report ” Finally came out .

8 month 19 Japan , The latest data released by the national online car Hailing supervision information interaction platform shows , The platform 7 Order information was received in the month 7.76 Billion single , rose 10.7%. among , Drops travel 7 Monthly orders increased month on month 13.1%, This result is beyond the expectation of many people .

since 7 Since the month , Online car Hailing industry “ overlord ” The development trend of didi travel has always been a major focus of attention .7 month 4 Japan , Due to serious illegal collection and use of personal information , Drops travel App It was informed by the state Internet information office that it was taken off the shelf .

There is a view that , Didi travel is subject to this regulatory treatment , Its order 、 user 、 Drivers are bound to lose . According to the latest data , Didi's order volume has not declined , And the increase is better than 10.7% The market .

In vertical comparison ,7 Monthly order quantity 13.1% Is Didi's best performance in recent months , This year, 4 month 、5 month 、6 month , The month on month growth rates of Didi's orders were 0.9%、6.1%、-13.4%.

For drops 7 Increase in monthly orders , A person close to didi told the reporter of Economic Observer network ,“ ( Drops travel App After getting off the shelf ) Although it can't be pulled new , But you can also use preferential means , Increase the activity of old users , This can also drive single volume growth ”.

The economic observer noted , since 7 Since the end of the month , Didi aims at the special car 、 The express business has launched many low-cost coupon packages , With Beijing Region as an example , The price is 6.6 element Didi Express Weekly card contains 5 Zhang 8 renounce the right of repayment ( Maximum deduction per order 20 element ) as well as 2 Zhang man's coupon reduction ( full 10 Yuan reduction 5 element ), Overall maximum deductible 110 element .

however , An analyst, who asked not to be named, told the economic observer , When new users cannot be obtained , Didi activates the activity of old users through promotion, although it can drive the growth of orders , But this growth is unsustainable ,“ A month or two is OK , If it takes longer, it won't work ”.

in fact , Although didi travels 7 Monthly order volume increased , But horizontal comparison , This increase is still far inferior to other head online car Hailing platforms .

data display ,7 The number of travel orders for monthly enjoyment increased month on month 23.1%, China's special cars grew month on month 21%, Cao Cao's travel increased month on month 32.2%, Ruqi's travel increased month on month 63.7%, Shouqi's car Hailing increased month on month 40.8%, The growth rate was significantly higher than that of Didi .

Even compared with previous months , The above head network car Hailing platform 7 The monthly growth is also quite conspicuous . With 6 Take the month , In addition to enjoying road travel 、T3 Travel 、 Cao Cao's travel orders increased slightly 4.4%、3.4%、4.8% Outside , Ruqi travel 、 Shenzhou special car 、 Shouqi car hailing and other platforms have declined in varying degrees .

For these head net car Hailing platforms 7 Monthly growth , The outside world is not surprised . After didi enters the rectification period , Major online car Hailing platforms have increased their efforts in advertising, marketing and marketing , I hope to take the opportunity to regain C End market share .

Mobile advertising intelligence analysis platform App Gorwing data display , Ruqi travel 、 Cao Cao travel 、T3 Travel and other platforms 7 Every month, we have increased the targeting of wechat 、 Tiktok and other mobile Internet platform advertising efforts .

It is worth noting that , stay 7 Among the top ten online car Hailing platforms with monthly order compliance rate ,T3 Travel is the only platform with month on month decline in order volume , Its orders fell month on month 7.9%.

T3 Travel related people told the Economic Observer reporter ,T3 Travel 7 The decline in monthly orders is related to the epidemic , Jiangsu is T3 Travel is an important market , Because of the epidemic ,T3 Travel 7 Since June, the overall business in Nanjing and even Jiangsu has been greatly affected .

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