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'siege 'miniev small electric vehicles have pleasing female consumers

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Zhang Li, who lives in Sichuan ( alias ) It's a bit. Euler is a good cat Parameters picture ) The owner of the , She spent... This year 15 ten thousand element Bought a high-end version of this model . That's enough to sell a mid-range fuel car or emgrand EV etc. A Electric cars of the class , Therefore, Zhang Li's choice surprised some relatives and friends .

“ There is one at home Cadillac , My husband is driving , I still want a scooter myself 、 Pick up a child , Go out and play or something , Just then someone recommended this , After a look, the design is more beautiful , Very small , Mainly to meet the basic needs of life , Then some small functions and small designs in the car are more attractive .” Zhang Li said why she chose this car .

Recently, the market of micro and small electric vehicles has witnessed unprecedented excitement , New cars drive into the vision of consumers one after another . According to the Economic Observer reporter's incomplete statistics , In only half a month , There is 5 Car companies have launched... In this market segment 6 New products , Include Reading Mango. Si Hao E10X Euler white cat / Black cat changed to 、 New special YOUNG Guang Xiaoxin Such as micro electric vehicles and BYD The dolphins And other small electric vehicles .

More Than This , There are also a number of micro electric vehicles on the road , Waiting for Admission . One of the most striking is , To produce “ The king ” product Agatsuma MINIEV SAIC GM Wuling is playing again , It exposed another micro electric vehicle Baojun KiWiEV Configuration of , And start pre-sale . Besides , Some unknown enterprises also intend to take a share in the market of small and micro electric vehicles .

It is reported that , Punk cars' micro electric vehicles Punk Duoduo Will be in 8 On the listed , Qilu new energy's new model Qilu eC1 Will also be 8 Month or 9 On the listed . Also in 8 month , Happy car, which previously focused on the used car business , Announced its entry into China's small electric vehicle market .

For the entry of these products , The prevailing view in the industry is , In Wuling Hongguang MINIEV After proving the great potential of the micro electric vehicle market , Other enterprises hope to enter as soon as possible . data display , Agatsuma MINIEV One year after listing, it sold more than 31 Thousands of cars , It is beyond the reach of any electric product in the current market .

But it's interesting , While many car companies swarmed in , However, some car companies seem to be interested in the micro and small electric vehicle market for a time “ cardiac ” Still chose to give up after . before , A senior executive of a domestic electric vehicle enterprise once said in an interview , Agatsuma MINIEV The micro electric vehicle market is worth studying , But a year later , The designer of the car company told the Economic Observer , Agatsuma MINIEV This kind of product is not of the brand “ food ”.

Li Bin, chairman of Weilai automobile, also said at the recent earnings conference , Its new brand will not enter Wuling Hongguang as rumored MINIEV Market range , because “ Agatsuma MINIEV It has been done very well , We now see that what the mass market really lacks is very competitive ( Intelligent electric ) product .”

The attitudes of different enterprises show , For this seemingly blue ocean market of micro and small electric vehicles , Some auto companies are still worried about their risks and uncertainties . Between the attack and abandonment of auto enterprises , One consensus is that , The impact of micro electric vehicles on the overall market of electric vehicles will increase without suspense .

Expected product boom

Behind the penetration of new products , It is the high expectation of automobile enterprises for the market potential of micro and small electric vehicles . data display , First half of this year ,A00 The cumulative sales volume of class a pure electric cars is 32.78 Thousands of cars , Share of new energy market 32.5%, yes A Three times that of a class E electric car ,B More than twice as many as class a electric vehicles . And in the 2020 year ,A00 The market share of class I electric vehicles is only 26%.

Besides , With the national rectification and upgrading of low-speed electric vehicles , Micro electric vehicles are considered to undertake the purchase demand of low-speed electric vehicles , It also pushed up the industry's estimate of the micro and small electric vehicle market . According to the data provided by the electric vehicle hundred people's Association ,2021 year -2023 year , The car sales brought by the upgrading of low-speed electric vehicles can reach 900 Thousands of cars , Contribute 100 billion market to new energy vehicle enterprises .

What makes car companies more confident is , The current micro electric vehicle market , It seems that there are still many blank markets to be developed .

This can be seen from the sales structure of domestic pure electric vehicles . First half of this year , In pure electric vehicles , Agatsuma MINIEV No. 1 in sales , Cumulative sales 15.7 Thousands of cars , Pure electricity market share 19.2%, The national average transaction price reported by the media is 3.57 Ten thousand yuan ; tesla Model3 second , sales 8.5 Thousands of cars , Pure electricity market share 10.4%, National average transaction price 25.82 Ten thousand yuan ; The third ModelY, sales 4.66 Thousands of cars , Pure electricity market share 5.7%, National average transaction price 34.79 Ten thousand yuan .

Such a sales structure means , There are obvious two-level differentiation of products in the pure electric vehicle market , like “ hourglass ”, Low end and medium and high-end products are hot , But the middle market lacks star products , This is considered an opportunity for new entrants .

The specific term , In Wuling Agatsuma And Tesla 5-20 The price blank area of 10000 yuan ,10-20 Ten thousand yuan is some mainstream car enterprises A-B The main layout of class I electric vehicles , and 5-10 10000 yuan has become the best entry point for micro and small electric vehicles .

You can see , These micro electric vehicles recently listed , Prices are generally concentrated in 3 More than ten thousand yuan ,10 Ten thousand yuan of the following . And in this interval , The positioning of new products is also more subdivided and differentiated .

among , Reading mango 、 Sihao's price is as low as 3 Ten thousand yuan , It is Hongguang that is clearly aimed at MINIEV In the market . Reading itself started as an old-age scooter , In the integration and reorganization “ Regular army ” after , It is believed that it will make great efforts in the low-cost micro electric vehicle market , Undertake the previous market share of elderly scooters .

And the price is not enough 4 Ten thousand yuan Sihao EX10 The launch of was a little unexpected . Sihao is a joint venture brand launched by JAC and Volkswagen a few years ago , Backed by popular brands , The prices of new energy products previously launched by Sihao are 13 More than ten thousand yuan , The lowest price of fuel vehicles is also 8 Ten thousand yuan or so .EX10 The launch of shows Sihao's ambition to seize the low-cost electric vehicle market .

Euler white cat 、 A black cat , New special YOUNG Although also positioning micro electric vehicles , But it is more expensive than Hongguang MINIEV Tens of thousands of yuan higher , Their direct benchmarking object is more like Wuling's upcoming Baojun KiWiEV, The pre-sale price of the latter two models is 6.98 Million and $ 7.88 Ten thousand yuan . The price band of Euler white cat and black cat is 7 ten thousand -9 Ten thousand yuan between , New special YOUNG The price is 5.98 Million and $ 6.58 Ten thousand yuan .

in addition , BYD dolphin launch , Also let the industry see BYD's idea of taking a share in the micro and small electric vehicle market . BYD dolphin prices in 9.68 ten thousand -12.48 Ten thousand yuan , Bi Baojun KiWiEV The positioning and price are higher , But it is considered to be a bright spot in design and configuration , It may become a new choice for consumption upgrading of micro and small cars .

Taken together , With the continuous increase of participants in micro and small electric vehicles , New products are being introduced to Hongguang MINIEV And the upcoming Baojun KiWiEV Form a trend of left and right Siege .

Cater to women 、 High-end —— Each trolley sucks powder

When a large number of products pour into the micro electric vehicle market and want to “ Gamble ” Under the circumstances , What kind of products have the potential to succeed ?

Agatsuma MINIEV The biggest reason for success is considered to be that it is as low as 3 The price is ten thousand yuan , But here's the thing , Such cost control can not be achieved by all auto enterprises . Previously, there was news that Weilai automobile might consider doing 3 A car of about 10000 yuan , Some industry experts said , From the perspective of supply chain , It's basically impossible , Because many auto companies, including Weilai, can't keep up with Hongguang in terms of cost MINIEV As low as .

Based on the previous industry analysis , Agatsuma MINIEV The price is low , On the one hand, it benefits from the advantages accumulated by SAIC GM Wuling in the supply chain , On the other hand, in order to earn points for new energy vehicles, small profits but quick turnover . However, this statement has not been confirmed by SAIC GM Wuling .

The good news for other car companies is , At present, micro electric vehicles are developing towards high-quality products , This means that products with a slightly higher price range , There may also be a large market space . For example, in the list of electric vehicle sales in the first half of the year , Euler black cat 、 chery Little ant And so on have relatively good market performance , The average transaction price of the two is 6.47 Million and $ 6.05 Ten thousand yuan .

The fact proved that , There are many consumers willing to spend more than 10 Ten thousand yuan , To buy a mini electric car . Euler's positioning is also clear, focusing on the female consumer market , Its models have a cute appearance design 、 Fresh body color , Equipped with large central control screen 、 Advanced configuration such as reversing radar , It even launched collagen air conditioning outlets to cater to female consumers .

In the industry believe that , This differentiated layout , It can help the product gain a firm foothold while , Avoid contact with Hongguang MINIEV And Baojun KiWiEV Hard hit hard .

The data also shows , Euler's differentiated play has achieved initial success . This year, 1-7 month , The cumulative sales volume of Euler is 6 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 378.4%. according to the understanding of , Among Euler owners , The proportion of female users is gradually increasing , Among them, black cat users 70% For urban women .

And this kind of play has also attracted other car companies to follow . Rusihao launched EX10 Jimei Edition , Take care of female consumers in all aspects and focus on vehicle development and configuration , It also adopts bold color contrast design and so on . baojun KiWiEV Song Qian was invited as the spokesperson , And constantly emphasize the attraction to female consumers in the publicity . A slightly higher price small car BYD Dolphin , Then make an article on advanced configuration such as intelligent driving assistance system , Hope to meet the new demand for consumption upgrading of micro and small electric vehicles .

But at the same time , With the development of automobile market , Consumers are also becoming more and more rational , In addition to appearance matching , The survey shows that , In micro electric vehicles , The range has reached 300 even to the extent that 400 Kilometer level , And advanced configurations such as reversing radar have gradually become standard .

It means , Although it focuses on cost performance , But if car companies can't follow the latest technology trend in the configuration of micro and small electric vehicles , Meet or exceed consumer expectations , It may also be in this market “ come on an impulse , return in low spirits ”.

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