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Chang'an Mazda will merge north and South Mazda, the new shareholder, as soon as the end of August

2021-08-24 17:31:34 Netease automotive industry

With the delisting of the capital increase project , changan Mazda New shareholders are coming , And North and South Mazda ( Chang'an Mazda and faw Mazda ) The rumors of the merger are also expected to be known in the near future .

8 month 20 Japan , The relevant person of the Board Secretary Office of Chang'an Automobile told the Economic Observer network reporter , The reason why Chang'an Mazda's capital increase listing in the equity exchange was removed , Because some investors have been delisted , However, the person did not disclose the specific identity of the investor , It only means that Changan Automobile will release relevant information in the next step .

The capital increase of Chang'an Mazda , It is considered to be a foreshadowing action before the merger of North and South Mazda . before , Reports quoted people familiar with the matter as saying , FAW Group will increase its capital in Chang'an Mazda , Form Chang'an automobile 、 Mazda 、 The situation of three-party shareholding of FAW Group , FAW Mazda will also be incorporated into Chang'an Mazda .

In the past two years , The development of Mazda in North and south is not satisfactory . In the eyes of the industry , If Mazda lets the two joint ventures continue to fight alone , Its development prospect in China will not be optimistic , And once north and South Mazda merge , Both dealers will sell more models , The overall competitiveness of Mazda's channels in China will also be stronger .

“ We are also waiting for formal notice of the merger , This must be a good thing .” Beijing Wang Siying, Chaoyang District, a FAW Mazda 4S The staff of the store told the reporter of the Economic Observer network , According to the information he learned , North and South Mazda will publicly announce the merger as soon as the end of this month , The shop 9 It is expected to sell models of two brands at the same time in months .

FAW or Dongfang

This year, 6 month 16 Japan ,“ Capital increase project of Chang'an Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd ” Listed on the Beijing Equity Exchange , Project publicity shows , At present, Chang'an Mazda is held by Chang'an Automobile and Mazda China respectively 50%, After the capital increase , The new investor will hold up to 5%, The shareholding ratio of Chang'an Automobile and Mazda China will be diluted .

The economic observer noted ,“ Capital increase project of Chang'an Mazda Automobile Co., Ltd ” The listing announcement was recently removed . according to the understanding of , There are usually two possibilities for the capital increase listing announcement to be removed , First, the listed party gives up capital increase , Second, the listed party has found investors , The capital increase project of Chang'an Mazda is the second case .

For the latest progress of Chang'an Mazda capital increase project , Mazda China insiders told the economic observer that , There is no official information to disclose .

Although Mazda China is vague , However, considering the various requirements put forward in the publicity of capital increase projects , Regarded as , The new investor found by Chang'an Mazda this time should be FAW Group .

Publicize according to the project , Intended investor “ Be able to provide business support for the financing party at the market channel end , It can help the financing party to reduce the cost of capital , Achieve complementary advantages or synergy with financing parties ”,“ The intended investor with state-owned enterprise background is preferred ”,“ The intended investor can establish a good communication and cooperation relationship with the original shareholders of the financing party , Those with good cooperation foundation with the original shareholders of the financing party are preferred ”.

FAW Group undoubtedly meets all the above requirements , FAW Group is a central state-owned enterprise , Mainly engaged in automobile business , Mazda also has the basis for cooperation , The two sides jointly established FAW Mazda .

what's more , The capital increase shows that , Chang'an Mazda hopes to share channels with new shareholders , Save related costs . Once FAW Group is introduced as a new shareholder , Chang'an Mazda can naturally solve the channel problem delayed for many years by integrating FAW Mazda .

In the past two years , The news of Chang'an Mazda dealers returning from the network came out frequently . According to the data publicly disclosed by Chang'an Mazda ,2019 year , Chang'an Mazda still has new network access 4S The store 15 home 、2S The store 45 home , The overall number of dealers exceeds 466 home . But to 2020 year 4 month , This figure drops to 432 home .

Behind the decrease in the number of dealers is the poor performance of brand sales . data display , changan Mazda 2 Parameters picture )018 Annual sales for 16.33 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 11.8%;2019 Annual sales for 13.63 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 16.8%;2020 Annual sales for 13.66 Thousands of cars , A mild increase year-on-year 0.24%.

stay 2020 While the annual sales volume turns from decline to rise , The profit situation of Chang'an Mazda deteriorated further in the same period . The capital increase announcement shows that ,2019 year , The net profit of Chang'an Mazda is 18.7 Billion element , Year-on-year decline in 25.96%;2020 year , The net profit of Chang'an Mazda is 14.75 One hundred million yuan , Year-on-year decline in 21.12%.

Performance pressure forced the merger

in fact , The rumor of the merger of North and South Mazda came from 2019 It began to flow out one after another in . Although the versions of these rumors are different , But one thing in common is , It is mentioned that FAW Mazda will be dissolved or merged into Chang'an Mazda .

2020 year 12 End of month ,“ dissolution ” Rumors hit again , claim “ FAW Mazda will be dissolved , The original FAW Mazda dealer will start from 2023 Since, we have merged and sold Chang'an Mazda models ”. But then FAW Mazda denied the news .

This year, 4 month , According to a source , FAW Group 、 Mazda 、 Changan Automobile is negotiating , The three parties plan to merge FAW Mazda related businesses into Chang'an Mazda , Dealers of the two brands will also merge , FAW Mazda business department will be dissolved .

It is worth noting that , Although the development of Chang'an Mazda in recent two years is not very optimistic , But comparatively speaking , FAW Mazda is more vulnerable . Some analysts think , With limited energy and resources , Mazda's strategic focus has long been biased towards Chang'an Mazda , It is a general trend that FAW Mazda is merged into Chang'an Mazda .

In manufacturing , Chang'an Mazda has production and sales functions , FAW Mazda is only a sales company , The products are manufactured by FAW Pentium . In terms of market performance , Faw Mazda 2017 year 、2018 year 、2019 The annual sales volume is respectively 12.6 Thousands of cars 、10.8 Thousands of cars 、9.14 Thousands of cars , Showing a downward trend .

In terms of equity structure , Mazda's relationship with FAW Mazda is not as good as that with Chang'an Mazda “ close ”. Qixinbao information display , FAW Mazda is held by FAW Group 60%, Mazda holds only 40%; Chang'an Mazda is owned by Chang'an Automobile and Mazda respectively 50%, Mazda holds a higher proportion of shares in Chang'an Mazda .

however , As the largest shareholder of FAW Mazda , FAW Group is facing the continuous decline of sales volume of FAW Mazda in recent years , Some countermeasures have been taken .

2020 year 5 month , FAW Group announced that it would adjust the management relationship of FAW Mazda , The main body of cooperation with Mazda is adjusted from FAW Pentium to FAW Group ;6 At the beginning of , FAW Group established Mazda business department , FAW Mazda cooperates with FAW within the group - Volkswagen and FAW Toyota are at the same management level .

This series of actions , At that time, it was regarded by the outside world that FAW Group intended to boost the market performance of FAW Mazda . however , The operation mode of FAW Mazda has not changed , The shareholding ratio of both sides has not changed .

and , The economic observer noted , At present, the sales volume of FAW Mazda has not improved .2020 year , The sales volume of FAW Mazda is only 7.8 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year decline in 14.78%. Before this year 7 Months , The sales volume of FAW Mazda is 3.64 Thousands of cars , The year-on-year drop is about 22.6%.

Yan Jinghui, an auto industry analyst, told the economic observer , Once north and South Mazda merge , For FAW Group, it is equivalent to unloading a burden , For Mazda , It is conducive to its integration of limited resources in the Chinese market , Save management costs , Improve overall performance .

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