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Geely's goal of one million new energy vehicles tops the geometric brand's weight breakthrough

2021-08-24 17:31:37 Netease automotive industry

Two years since its launch , It's a bumpy road on the road of electric vehicles The geometric automobile , Decided to look for a new way out .

8 month 17 Japan , Geometry car launches a new car ——2021 paragraph The geometric C Parameters picture ), The new car is divided into 400 Km and 550 Km two endurance versions , Price after subsidy 12.98 ten thousand -18.28 ten thousand element . As an annual car , The new The geometric C Some upgrades have been made to the configuration , But the changes in appearance and interior decoration are not big . Geometry car hopes to change the car , Regain market recognition .

Up to now , A total of two cars under geometric brand are on sale , One is 4 Shanghai auto show in January The geometric A Pro, The car is geometric A Modified car . The other is geometry C. Behind rapid product updates , It is related to the current market environment of geometric cars .

The geometric brand is geely Car on 2019 A new brand positioning medium and high-end pure electric launched in . The geometry of the first car A Have been placed high hopes , However, the market performance of the car did not meet expectations . data display ,2019 Year round Geometry A The cumulative sales volume of is 1.2 Thousands of cars , Less than expected 3.5 10000 sales .2020 The cumulative annual sales volume of geometric vehicles in was 5051 car , Down again .

The second car of geometry car C stay 2020 year 8 On the listed , This is a pure electric SUV, The main “ life ” And “ Technology ”. However, geometry C Also failed to win the market , Its first month sales were only 784 car ,2020 The sales volume for the whole year is 5277 car .

In this case , Geometric cars and even the development of Geely's new energy have been questioned by the industry . Geely once proposed 2020 In, the sales of new energy vehicles accounted for 90% Of “ Blue Geely action plan ”. however ,2020 year , Geometry car 、 Link car 、 The total sales volume of Geely brand new energy vehicles is only 6.8 Thousands of cars , The proportion in Geely's total sales volume in that year is 5.2%.

There is a view that , The initial brand positioning of geometric automobile is not clear , The price of its products is on the high side , Therefore, it lacks competitiveness in the market . Regarding this , The geometry of the car tried to make some changes . For example, at this year's Shanghai Auto Show , The geometric A The geometry of the modified model A Pro The price has been lowered , The lowest price after comprehensive subsidy is 11.87 Ten thousand yuan , Much lower than before A Of 15 Starting price of 10000 yuan .

According to the data released by Geely Automobile , The geometric A、 The geometric C、 emgrand EV emgrand GSe And other new energy and electrification products ,6 The total monthly sales volume is 7515 car ,1-6 Monthly cumulative sales 30071 car , Year-on-year growth 3%, The overall improvement is not obvious .

This year, 3 month , Geely motor is determined to revive its new energy business , Updated “ Blue Geely action plan ”, From one plan to two . One is the main hybrid 、 Plug in hybrid and other energy-saving and new energy vehicles , In this area, the business is mainly undertaken by geometric brands , The second is focusing on pure electric high-end intelligent vehicles , This business is mainly undertaken by the newly established krypton brand . thus , Geely's new energy strategy has become clear again .

8 month 18 Japan , Geely car in 2021 At the performance press conference in the first half of the year , Further put forward a new five-year strategic plan . to 2025 year , The market share ranks first among Chinese brands , Sales of 365 Ten thousand vehicles ( Krypton car ), Among them, intelligent pure electric vehicles account for more than 30%( about 109 Thousands of cars ). Krypton car to 2025 In, the market share of high-end electric vehicles ranked among the top three in the world , Sales of 65 Thousands of cars .

Geely motor group CEO Gan Jiayue mentioned at Geely Automobile's medium-term performance Conference ,“ Geometric brand will focus on the popular electric vehicle market , Focus on creating products with high product price ratio , Form a differentiated joint force with the high-end brand of krypton , Fully develop China's electric vehicle market .”

Accelerate product updates , Launching more competitive models is the top priority of geometry brand . According to the next planning of geometric brand , In the second half of the year, geometric cars will go to A00 The first-class small electric vehicle market is developing .“ In the second half of the year, we will launch a popular A00 First class electric products , It is expected that the monthly sales of new energy vehicles will exceed... In the short term 1 Thousands of cars .” Gan Jiayue said .

This is not the first time Geely has proposed that the geometric brand should enter A00 First class electric vehicle market . In this year 4 Month Geometry A Pro At the appearance meeting , Lin Jie, senior vice president of Geely Automobile, revealed , To 2025 Years ago , Geometric brands will cover multiple categories , Launched more than ten pure electric models , Include A00 models 、 Mainstream cars and SUV, Fully cut into the mainstream private user market .

At this stage ,A00 The first-class electric vehicle market is very popular . data display , First half of this year ,A00 The cumulative sales volume of class a pure electric cars is 32.78 Thousands of cars , Share of new energy market 32.5%, yes A Three times that of a class E electric car ,B More than twice as many as class a electric vehicles . cut-in A00 Grade market , Geometric cars want a piece of it , To boost market performance .

Facing the future , Gan Jiayue seems confident . He introduced , Oneself from 3 He has been in office since January , Spent a lot of time on geometric brands , From dealer to talent introduction , Have been improved .“ Due to the global core shortage , Geometric electric vehicles also present ‘ A car is hard to get ’, Some dealers sold all the exhibition cars .” Gan Jiayue .

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