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Jinkang xilis CEO was removed from office for eight months, and Xiaokang's share price rose six times

2021-08-24 17:31:44 Netease automotive industry

Chongqing Xiaokang Industrial Group Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Well off shares ”, Stock code “601127”) Several insiders disclosed to the first financial reporter , Jinkang New Energy Automobile Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Xiaokang Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Jinkang new energy ”)CEO Yu Haikun last week “ To be removed from office ”, This position is held by Chairman Zhang Xinghai , Yu Haikun is an assistant to the chairman and a member of the Economic Management Committee .

One insider said , Yu Haikun was previously in full charge of its Jinkang new energy xilis SERES Research, production, supply and marketing , This job adjustment “ Ming Sheng Shi Jiang ”. He also revealed , From this year 6 Month begins , Yu Haikun has lost the right to sign in Thales ,“ Has been virtually elevated ”.

2020 year 11 month 17 Japan , Former vice president of research and Development Department of CSC securities President 、 Auto industry analyst Yu Haikun said in wechat circle of friends , He has left CSC , Join Xiaokang shares . At that time, there was a view that , Yu Haikun joined Xiaokang shares from a securities company , In order to make the latter operate better in the capital market , But this view was refuted by Yu Haikun .

This year, 1 month , In an interview with first finance, Yu Haikun said , Before joining CSC , He was in BYD Wait for the car company to work , Rich experience in the automotive industry . He also said , New energy vehicles are a good track , There's a lot of market space , Business revenue is growing fast , Over the past few decades, house prices in the property market have risen more than tenfold , In the future, new energy vehicles will be in the stock market 、 The stock market will also usher in a space worthy of expectation .

Since then, Xiaokang shares has continuously released relevant cooperation information between its Thales and Huawei , In addition to releasing the new intelligent extended range system jointly developed by Huawei —— Hump intelligent extended range system , And based on this system Sailux SF5 Parameters picture ) Outside the free expedition , In this year 4 At the Shanghai auto show in June , Cyrus also announced that it will settle in Huawei's online and offline channels , Cooperation with Huawei “ Sell cars ”. Since then, there has been more news that , Huawei is also deeply involved in the research and development of the next model of Cyrus .

stay “ Huawei makes cars ” Under the expectation of , The share price of well-off shares is also rising . When Yu Haikun just joined Xiaokang shares , The market value of the company is 150 Billion element ; This year, 6 month 22 The share price of rixiaokang shares broke through 83 element / stocks , The market value has exceeded 100 billion yuan , Compared with last year 11 It soared in mid June 6 More than double .

This year, 3 Month begins , Some stock bar platforms began to appear the news that Huawei will take a stake in Xiaokang shares , Since then, Huawei has denied it several times . This year, 6 month 28 Japan , Huawei's intelligent car solution BUMarketing At a forum with Chi Linchun, President of sales and service department, reiterated that Huawei “ Never build a car ”, The reasons are explained in detail . From the next day, the share price of Xiaokang shares continued to rise 4 It's a big drop in the last trading days , from 74.99 element / Shares fell to 62.13 element / stocks .7 Month so far , The share price of Xiaokang shares generally maintained a slow decline trend . By 8 month 20 Closed yesterday , The share price of Xiaokang shares is 56.56 element / stocks , Market capitalization 768 One hundred million yuan .

Insiders of Xiaokang shares said , The senior management of Xiaokang shares hopes that Huawei can acquire Thales , but “ I feel that Huawei mainly makes use of its cooperation with Xiaokang , Integrate your own system and ecology into , Realize marketization , In order to establish their own standards in the automotive industry .” He said , At present, Huawei also supplies motors and electronic control systems for other main engine manufacturers , But most of them are defined according to the requirements and standards of vehicle manufacturers ,“ You have to get involved in research and development , To integrate the whole ecology into , Products such as success list , Will have a greater standard setting voice .”

For the change of Yu Haikun's position , The person commented that “ Yu Haikun's task has been completed ”.

It is worth mentioning that , Sailux SF5 After entering Huawei's offline and online channels , It was announced that “ The order is broken in two days 3000 car ”、“ A week's order breakthrough 6000 car ”. But the retail data of China automobile terminal shows , Sailux SF5 models 4 Month to 7 The sales volume of each month is 129 car 、204 car 、1097 Vehicles and 507 car . For the huge gap between orders and sales , Celes related people told reporters , The main reason is that the product is still in the production capacity running in period , The delivery date is about 45~60 Days or so .

A person from Xiaokang shares told reporters , At present, the Liangjiang intelligent factory of Cyrus in Chongqing has low production capacity , It is in the process of technological transformation recently . It was previously reported that , The technical transformation of Liangjiang intelligent factory is mainly because the factory does not meet the technical requirements of Huawei , But the person did not confirm this statement .

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