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Online information office: vehicle data collection shall be approved by the owner and stored locally

2021-08-24 17:31:48 Netease automotive industry

8 month 20 Japan , National Internet Information Office ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Internet Information Office ”) WeChat official account “ Netcom China ” Release a message saying , Recently, online information office 、 National development and reform commission 、 Ministry of industry and information technology 、 The Ministry of Public Security 、 Jointly issued by the Ministry of transport 《 Several regulations on vehicle data security management ( On a trial basis )》( Hereinafter referred to as “《 Regulations 》”), since 2021 year 10 month 1 Effective from .

The person in charge of the Internet Information Office said , a 《 Regulations 》 It aims to standardize automobile data processing activities , Protect the individual 、 The legitimate rights and interests of the organization , Safeguard national security and social public interests , Promote the rational development and utilization of automobile data .

“ before tesla The problem of data security has attracted extensive attention in the industry ,《 Regulations 》 The use of automobile data has entered a standardized stage , In addition to preventing the outflow of important information at the national level , Ensure the security of national network data ,《 Regulations 》 The abuse of personal data is also protected .” Cui Dongshu, Secretary General of the national passenger car market information joint committee, talked about , At present, data security in these two fields exists objectively and needs urgent attention .

《 Regulations 》 There are many regulatory initiatives in the area of national and personal data security . In Article 11 、 Article 14 、 Article 17 and other articles refer to the supervision and viewing rights of data , Such as “ Processing personal information involves more than 10 ten thousand people 、 Or operators who process important data , The annual data security management shall be reported to the provincial network information department and relevant departments before December 15 of each year .” In Article 12 ,《 Regulations 》 mention :“ Personal information or important data shall be stored in China according to law , It is really necessary to provide , It should pass the data exit security assessment organized by the national network information department .”

A person from a car enterprise told reporters , Today's smart cars , Both have real-time data collection capabilities , These data collected by the vehicle , As long as car companies are willing to use , Can be used . For example, all Tesla models are online with real-time data , All data without privacy information will be uploaded to Tesla's central server . Tesla founder musk previously called this technology “ Fleet learning network (Fleet Learning Network)”, All vehicles share a central database , At the same time, they are making data contributions to the central database , When a car gets what data , All cars have this data .

According to the Upstream Security Previously released 2020 year 《 Automobile information security report 》 Show , from 2016 Year to 2020 year 1 month ,4 During the year, the number of automobile information security incidents increased 605%, only 2019 In, the publicly reported incident of information security attack on Intelligent networked vehicles reached 155 rise . thus it can be seen , The standard management of automobile data security is very important .

In the opinion of the person , In theory , Data of Tesla Chinese car owners , It is also part of the central database , With the formal implementation of the new regulations , If the vehicle data generated by Tesla and other enterprises in China is to be sent back to the server in the United States , Must undergo a safety assessment . In response to the above statement , Tesla has this year 4 The month clearly states , The data collected by the company in China will strictly comply with Chinese laws and regulations on data management , Realize local storage .

In the above 《 Regulations 》 A few days before the release , Ministry of industry and information technology ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Ministry of industry ”) Also issued 《 Opinions on strengthening the management of intelligent networked automobile production enterprises and product access 》( Hereinafter referred to as 《 opinion 》), Management of automobile data security and network security 、 Standardize software upgrade 、 Strengthening product management and many other new technologies that have attracted much attention at present put forward 11 Specific comments . Release relevant regulations and opinions on vehicle information and data security twice within one month , It can be seen that the relevant national departments pay attention to the data security and top-level supervision of intelligent vehicles .

“ Software defines the car ” The era of is coming , Some research institutions estimate , An autonomous test vehicle can generate up to... Data per day 10TB, Car data is a double-edged sword , While providing convenience , If it cannot be regulated reasonably, it will also endanger personal privacy and public safety , Supervision from the level of data circulation and collection , In this way, we can work together to ensure data security .

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