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Daily review: Toyota will reduce production by 360000 vehicles worldwide, and Euler will launch the little wildcat version

2021-08-24 17:31:55 Netease automotive industry

Toyota will cut production all over the world 36 Thousands of cars

Toyota The automobile company announced that , Affected by the shortage of parts and components caused by the epidemic , It will be late this month to 9 The production of this month has been greatly adjusted , The scale of global production reduction has reached about 36 Thousands of cars ( Japan is about 14 Thousands of cars 、 Overseas appointment 22 Thousands of cars ). among , All in Japan 15 Factories 28 In this production line , from 8 month 24 solstice 9 month , There will be 14 Factories 27 Temporary shutdown of production line . As report goes , The scale of production reduction has reached 40% of the original production plan .

Yicai comments : Toyota is famous for its excellent supply chain management all over the world , This time near 4 The reduction in production also reflects the shortage of the global chip based supply chain , But Toyota also said , This large-scale shutdown will not affect the annual production plan . The capital market has responded to Toyota's production reduction plan to a certain extent , As of yesterday's close , Toyota fell in the US stock market 4.09%, by 2020 year 3 The biggest drop since ,8 month 20 Japan's stock market also fell more than 4%.

FF by FF 91 Mass production, large-scale recruitment of automobile talents

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. ("FF") Recently announced that , In this year 7 After the completion of the merger transaction in January , Plan for the future 12 Greatly expand the number of employees within three months .FF Our recruitment will focus on manufacturing 、 engineering 、 Supply chain 、 Design 、 market 、 brand 、 Positions in sales and other fields , These positions are distributed in FF Three offices in California , Including headquarters in Los Angeles 、 Silicon Valley Office , And in Hanford FF 91 Production plant .FF Key positions will also be recruited for the Chinese business , To prepare for delivery in the Chinese market FF product .

Yicai comments :FF Will be in 2022 The flagship electric model was launched in FF 91, According to the official ,FF Of 300 Taiwan Limited Edition  FF 91 The Futurist alliance edition has been fully booked ,FF 91 The Futurist version also opens bookings . According to the FF Official information ,FF 91 Will take 18 From $10000 , The domestic price plus tariff will reach 200 ten thousand element above . Who is buying FF 91?FF Can you make a comeback ?

Euler launched a number of new cars such as wildcat

The Great Wall Automobile's new energy brand Euler Recently launched a number of new cars , among 2022 paragraph Euler black cat Parameters picture ) The price is 6.98 Ten thousand yuan -8.48 Ten thousand yuan , The little wildcat version costs 7.98 Ten thousand yuan -8.88 Ten thousand yuan . Besides , Euler white cat Also ushered in the upgrading . It is reported that ,2022 The price of the white cat upgrade 7.18 Ten thousand yuan .

Yicai comments : at present , The electric vehicle market presents a development trend of high and low ends , Euler 、 Wuling Agatsuma MINI EV This kind of small electric vehicles grew rapidly . Before this year 7 month , Euler's cumulative sales reached 6.0 Thousands of cars , Year-on-year growth 378.4%. With the listing of Ola Ola wildcat, etc , Euler brand product matrix is further enriched , Sales are expected to grow further . Euler positioning is not 10 Electric vehicle market below 10000 yuan , In Euler's current product line , Euler IQ The starting price of and good cats is higher than 10 Ten thousand yuan . Yu Fei, general manager of Euler brand marketing, said in an interview with reporters , In the future, Euler brand will mainly focus on 10 Ten thousand yuan ~20 Products in the market of 10000 yuan , At the same time, I will go to 20 The price range of more than 10000 yuan . Besides , The electric car is now a dumbbell layout ( Big on both ends 、 The middle is small ), Finally, we return to the market structure like oil vehicles , Let's go back to the column from the dumbbell layout , Finally, it becomes a spindle sales structure .

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