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What role will Huawei play in the listing of avita technology under Chang'an?

2021-08-24 17:32:02 Netease automotive industry

8 month 20 Japan , Chongqing changan Automobile Co., Ltd (000625.SZ, Hereinafter referred to as “ Changan automobile ”) Avita Technology ( Chongqing ) Co., LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Avita Technology ”) Listed in Chongqing United equity exchange , It is proposed to introduce... Through capital and share increase through public listing 2-5 Strategic investors .

This evening , Zhu Huarong, chairman of Changan Automobile, told the first financial reporter :“ Avita technology brings together Chang'an automobile 、 Huawei 、 Ningde era in automobile R & D and manufacturing 、 Advantages and capabilities in the field of communication and information technology and energy management ecology . Information such as future shareholders and ownership structure , Subject to the official announcement after the listing results .” He said , The purpose of avita technology listing is to accelerate the marketization , Establish a link between avita technology and the capital market . Avita technology will operate independently , The future listing plan is under planning .

It is worth mentioning that , Huawei has previously stated many times that it will not build cars .

According to the listing information , Avita technology, a subsidiary of Chang'an Automobile Holding Co., Ltd., intends to take the asset appraisal report as the pricing basis , Through public listing to increase capital and shares, the introduction of 2~5 Strategic investors , The company participates in this capital increase in a non agreement manner , The price is consistent with that of external investors . The capital increase and share expansion is planned to be carried out in cash , The amount of capital increase shall not be lower than the evaluation value filed by the competent department of state owned assets . After the capital increase, the shareholding ratio of avita technology's original shareholders shall not be less than 39%, New shareholders are no more than 61%.

The intended investor shall be... In China ( Excluding Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan ) Legally established enterprise legal person or unincorporated organization . The intended investor is an enterprise legal person , Validity period 3 In the above , Actually, the paid in capital shall not be less than RMB 20 Billion element ( With 2020 The annual consolidated audit report shall prevail ); The intended investor is a private equity fund , Its fund manager shall effectively exist 3 In the above , Its fund manager or its affiliates 2020 The scale of assets under management at the end of the year shall not be less than 150 RMB 100 million ( Relevant certificates must be provided ).

According to qixinbao information , Avita technology was formerly known as Chang'an Automobile and Shanghai Wei Lai automobile Co., LTD. ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Wei Lai automobile ”) Chang'an Weilai Technology Co., Ltd ( Hereinafter referred to as “ Chang'an Weilai ”), This year, 5 month 20 It was renamed avita Technology , At the same time, Weilai auto shares were diluted to 4.62%, Chang'an Automobile holds 95.37%.

This year, 4 At the Shanghai auto show in January , Changan Automobile claimed that AB The brand will launch 5 A new high-end energy product , The first car will be unveiled as soon as the second half of this year .

Changan Automobile insiders told the first financial reporter , Company internal code “AB brand ” Avita technology is the high-end new energy vehicle project , The product definition of the first car is completed by Chang'an automobile , Equipped with Huawei's intelligent cockpit platform CDC、 Autopilot domain controller ADC And some three electric parts .

In the previous announcement , Changan Automobile once said “ Huawei and avita technology will jointly build a R & D platform 、 channel 、 service 、 Ecology and other whole value chain links ”, Does this mean that avita technology's products will also be sold in Huawei outlets ? Regarding this , Avita officials said :“ At this stage, we still take ‘ Integration and co creation ’ For principle , Conduct in-depth technical R & D cooperation , In the future, we also hope to explore more cooperation possibilities .”

Changan Automobile related people told reporters , In accordance with the plan , The first model built by avita Technology E11 Carrying HUAWEI HI Smart car full stack solution 、 The latest Electrification Technology of Ningde times , The first model has entered the whole vehicle commissioning stage .

“ Soon, avita technology will officially release its smart new energy high-end brand , Relevant information will be released gradually , This model will also be officially unveiled .” The source said .

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