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Baoding "recruit" tank 600 official map will be unveiled at Chengdu auto show on August 29

2021-08-24 18:01:45 Oriental Information automobile

tanks 300 The tank series became an independent brand because of its hot sales , Then only tanks 300 A car doesn't work , Bigger size 、 More powerful and more luxurious tanks 600 coming . The official tank was 8 month 20 The official map was released on the th , New cars will carry 3.0T+9AT Power mix , It will be another milestone model .

From the official map , tanks 600 More muscular , The lines are more rough , Stronger gas field , It also has some business and luxury flavor . The specific term , Polygonal chrome plated horizontal bar grille is adopted on the front face , The trim is strong , Embedded with a huge tank logo , It shows a sense of power . The shape of the lamp group is wide , It fits well with the rest of the body , It's very impressive . The wide bumper is in the same color as the body , Powerful, domineering and extraordinary .

This level is used on the side SUV Customary line design , The waistline is high and smooth , The side window has a large area , Under the roof rack and spoiler , There is a feeling of performance muscle car . The two-color aluminum alloy rim with multi spoke design improves the texture , Increased business atmosphere .

The tail shape is simple and clear , Rear mounted spare wheel and vertical tail light are applied , With strong line design , In line with the hardline off-road vehicle temperament , The tall body adds a bit of luxury .

The new car will adopt the rigid design of girder structure ,3.0T V6 The turbocharged engine adopts a longitudinal layout , Can output 260 kw , Peak torque reached 500 cattle · rice .

Matched with the engine is the longitudinal 9 Speed manual self - contained gearbox ,3.0T Engine and 9AT All transmissions are independently developed by Great Wall Motors , The real light of domestic goods . tanks 600 Appearance , It makes up for the scarcity of brand family models , Positioning higher 、 Power is stronger 、 The larger space also makes the domestic hardline off-road vehicle straighten its waist , Especially self research 3.0T+9AT power , It makes people's blood boil . As for styling , Like a Hummer , This kind of models are basically like this , There is no question of who plagiarizes who .

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