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The owner said that the novice female driver Xiaopeng P7 paid a return visit: she also wanted to buy a small tram

2021-08-24 18:01:49 Oriental Information automobile

The main course of this issue is Xiaopeng P7 Owner's personality label : Marketer , Beauty control , Star chasing party , I like tourist model information :P7 Super long continuation (670KM life ) Zhizun version + Michelin tyre , Landing price ( With insurance )27.97 ten thousand , Lift car 3 Months , travel 2300 Many kilometers . This year, 6 month 1 Japan , Caizi mentioned her P7, Successfully upgraded to “ Xiao pengyou ”, It's also the most appropriate gift for children's Day . As a grass recommender of vegetables , I also recorded the whole process of her buying and collecting the car . In order to give you a better reference , Pick up the car 2 A month later , I paid a return visit to her , Look at her as a novice driver and P7 How about running in ? Although the driver's license has been obtained 10 many years , But I'm buying P7 Before , Caizi has little driving experience , Not only never drive alone , Even a little resistant to driving . Because of the depth “ Study ” Our evaluation of Xiao Peng last year ,P7 The black technology highlighted by automatic parking moved her , Moved to buy a car , Finally put it into action . I bought Xiaopeng just because of the automatic parking function , It's so sweet , It's perfect for girls , Highly recommended .

With the help of easy-to-use driving AIDS , Caizi's successful return “ Vehicle Lane ”: I'm not good at side parking , I always rely on Xiao Peng to help me stop , Although I can back into the garage , But I won't come by myself if I can stop Xiaopeng anyway . See Caizi so dependent on Xiaopeng's black Technology , I thought she would praise ADAS( Automatic assisted driving ) Easy to use , But I didn't expect that so far , Auto follow 、 She hasn't used the common functions of automatic lane change , Not even lane keeping turned on .

I dare not use these functions at all , Because it's easy to be distracted , Always think about what to do in case of an accident . You might as well drive slowly , And usually it's not necessary to go from home to the company , High speed or expressway may be more worth experiencing . That's right , It seems irrefutable . Caicaizi usually commutes only one or two kilometers , Just learned to drive independently , I've been working at home for some time , So there is no long-distance driving experience . The interview was conducted in the whole driving state . After all, it's a novice female driver , Just on the road for more than two months , It's really not suitable , There are even some different from ordinary people “ Pain ”.

I think this seat makes me very uncomfortable , Not long , I have a little back pain now , But my dad feels fine . I can't read the navigation when driving , Eyes can only look ahead , Listen to voice prompts , But every time at a fork in the road , I always feel that the navigation reminder often lags behind , It's easy to go the wrong way .

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