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Exclusive interview - Zhu Huarong reiterated that avita operates independently

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“ Avita technology carries the strategic mission of the high-end brand of Chang'an Automobile Group .”

Reporter Wang Xiaoxi

Editor Cui Liwen

Editor Zhu Jinbin

“ The July fire , Weiyang in August .” When the seasons change , The auto industry has never been so lively . Just yesterday , The car commune just released 《 Heavy weight Xiaomi takes over Evergrande 》, One after another changes make our practitioners constantly sigh ,“ New four modernizations ” Endless variations in the era .


That come .20 Sunday night , Changan automobile (000625) The announcement said : Avita technology, a holding subsidiary, plans to take the asset appraisal report as the pricing basis , Through public listing to increase capital and shares, the introduction of 2~5 Investors , The company participated in this capital increase in the form of non-public agreement , The price is consistent with that of external investors . The capital increase and share expansion is planned to be carried out in cash , The amount of capital increase shall not be lower than the evaluation value filed by the competent department of state owned assets .

The more important message this time is , There has been a change in equity . Changan Automobile gave up a large part of its equity . Before capital increase , Chang'an holds avita technology 95.3785% equity , And after the capital increase is completed , The proportion of equity held by Chang'an shall be subject to the transaction results combined with the actual subscription amount of the capital increasing party ( Avita technology's original shareholders hold no less than 39%).

We know , Avita Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of “ Changan Weilai New Energy Automobile Technology Co., Ltd ” Rename and come . at present , Weilai automobile, the former shareholder, had only 4.6215% Shares of . and , As early as last year 11 month 15 Japan , Changan Automobile announced that it would cooperate with Huawei 、 The two giants of Ningde times jointly build a new high-end smart car brand .


Avita's public listing ,《 Car commune 》 I interviewed Mr. Zhu Huarong, chairman of Chang'an Automobile for the first time , Asked about the future planning of avita Technology . among , One issue that the reporter is more concerned about is , How avita technology will work in the future ?

For Huawei 、 Cooperation in the Ningde era , Mr. Zhu Huarong has a farsighted understanding ,“ Avita technology brings together Chang'an automobile 、 Huawei 、 Ningde era in automobile R & D and manufacturing 、 Advantages and capabilities in the field of communication and information technology and energy management ecology . This highly original and open cooperation model , Its fundamental purpose is to ensure the deep and vertical integration of advantageous resources of all parties , Create benchmarking products and experiences , So as to stimulate and lead deeper industry changes .”

that , Whether avita technology after delisting will be controlled by Chang'an Automobile ? What is the relationship between avita and Chang'an new energy ?


As the outside world guessed before , Zhu Huarong once again stressed to reporters ,“ Avita will build a fully market-oriented corporate governance structure and mechanism . Changan new energy and avita technology are two independent companies , Have an independent operation system , Have different product brands and product divisions , Provide products and services to customers in different market segments .”

In other words , Chang'an new energy is the carrier of new energy business of Chang'an automobile brand , and Avita technology carries the strategic mission of the high-end brand of Chang'an Automobile Group , Independent market-oriented operation . Zhu Huarong hopes , Avita technology can combine the best resources in the industry , Together with Chang'an automobile to build Smart new energy high-end brand .

While the latter , With the current high-end of Chang'an UNI Sequence has nothing to do with Chang'an new energy . As we analyzed before , Chang'an new energy has its own plan . According to the internal statement of Chang'an , It's different “ project ”.

As for the brand name , In fact, at the beginning of the year, many media including automobile commune reported , Avita technologies is still “ Chang'an Weilai New Energy Technology Co., Ltd ” When , Already registered “ Guangyu ” And “ Light on Simba ” Two trademarks , among “ Guangyu ” Your registration time is 2019 year 9 month 29 Japan ,“ Light on Simba ” Then in 2020 year 10 month 29 Apply for . Will it work ? It is still not possible to confirm , Zhu Huarong also did not disclose more information .


For the coming investors , And Huawei 、 Whether Ningde era shares , For the compliance requirements of listed companies , Zhu Huarong said ,“ Specific shareholders 、 Stock ratio and other information , Subject to the announcement after delisting .”

Actually , At present, there are rumors in the market , Huawei will also become the first company to participate in avita Technology . Regarding this , Huawei immediately responded that the news was untrue ( It should be the eighth time ), Huawei said 5 month 24 I made it clear that , Will not invest in any car companies in the future , Will not participate in 、 holding . Now? , The above strategy remains unchanged .

What is the current progress of avita's first new car ? Zhu Huarong said ,“ Based on Chang'an 、 Huawei 、 The cooperation mode of Ningde era , Avita technology's first model E11, Carrying HUAWEI HI Smart car full stack solution 、 The latest Electrification Technology of Ningde times , Have forward-looking design aesthetics for the future 、 Humanized intelligent experience full of temperature .”


5 month , The design prototype of this car has just come off the assembly line , Now, , This car has entered the whole vehicle commissioning stage , Speed is “ Ten thousand years is too long , seize every minute .” At the end of this year , Avita technology will officially release its smart new energy high-end brand , The first model will also be officially unveiled . The reporter guessed , We should be able to get the answer at the Guangzhou Auto Show . By the way , Another one C385, Today it was found in the desert for summer testing .

before , The automobile commune has also reported , Avita technology's products , They are all based on the world's leading intelligent electric networked vehicle platform jointly developed by the three parties (CHN). On products , Based on the ark architecture and CHN framework , make EPA0、EPA1 and EPA2 Three platforms , It will be launched in the next five years 26 A new intelligent electric vehicle .

and E11 This model , Will be equipped with Huawei HI In smart car solutions CDC、ADC And some three electric parts . Estimated price 20~40 Ten thousand yuan . The prices of existing models in Chang'an mainly focus on 20 Ten thousand yuan of the following , There is no competitive relationship between the new model and the existing model of Chang'an , It is expected that the new brand and the existing models of Chang'an can complement each other in the market , Improve the level of intelligence and drive the brand to continue to rise .


in addition , Avita technologies from 5 The month changed its name even earlier , It has already begun to recruit people . There have been media reports , See avita technology release on a recruitment website “ Senior manager of investment and financing ”、“ Investment and financing director ” Etc , There is such a duty ,“ Participate in the design of the company's listing path , Cooperate with the head 、 brokers 、 The law firm has made full preparations for listing ”.

Nowadays, such recruitment positions should not be seen . Reporter in 51JOB On the website, you can see , The current position is , Basically, they are mainly technical and market public relations . and , At present, avita technology recruits more posts in Shanghai .


Wang Xiaoxi

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